A “wood paste worm” aroused the emotional resonance of netizens, roughly statistics around the name of nearly 51

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After the awakening of Insects, there is a small pest called “wood paste worm” unearthed in henan folk, flying around at night.Some citizens catch wood worms at night, looking for the city’s childhood fun.Some citizens restore the rural scene of their childhood, wash it and fry it to eat.Experts remind, this insect food is different, some eat rotten organic matter, some eat feces, for fear of carrying pathogenic microorganisms, so it is not recommended to eat.On March 11, Dahe Daily published the report, which was widely read by netizens across the country. By noon on March 13, the report had been read by 46,000 netizens and received 263 comments.○ The province around the country and different name, rough statistics have nearly 51 kinds of appellation “Zhou Kou called this worm for cang bug.””Luoyang, Henan called ground blind moth!””Local call dozen light tiger, coordinates Shijiazhuang!””We call blind building here, coordinates shouguang, Shandong.”In Tianjin, it is called “Blind big touch!”I am 70 years old, hometown hejian, we call it confused insect, childhood catch to feed chicken.I don’t think so now.””Heze is called blind beating.”On March 11 and 12, dahe Daily henan video related report issued, attracted the province – some netizens have eaten some have not, some netizens do not recommend eating this little bug users said, grubs are scarab larvae, its adult commonly known as cubeworms, is brown yellow or dark red, edible.One is a grub larva that crawls on its back; its adults are black or cyan and are not edible.Some netizens said that the red wood paste worm can be eaten, method: catch the worm wings remove, wash clean, put some salt, MSG, egg white, starch, fried very delicious.”When I was a child, WHEN THE sun set, I would shake the trees under the willow and elm trees, and it would fall down.Now it’s inedible because, a lot of plants are treated with pesticides and you don’t know what it’s been eating during the day.”A netizen reminds.”Especially good, high protein, casually put a little oil, put a little salt, fry it is very fragrant.””Said one user.”You can destroy it, but it’s best not to eat it.”Netizen reminds.I caught the bug when I was a child, but I never tasted it.A netizen said that the report was full of “deep childlike interest”, “this is a childhood delicacy”.”When it flies, it has a buzz, so we call it Old man.The red ones can be caught and fed to the chickens, while the green and black ones stink and are rejected by chickens.”One: “When I was a child, AFTER dinner, I would sit outside and eat noodles. Because there were too many chafers, I often dropped them into the bowl. Because it was too dark to see, I ate them in my mouth.One netizen recalled.”You have forgotten that it is the season again.Go home for the weekend and bring a flashlight.””One netizen said.”We have never heard of such insects being edible here. The yellow one is called the cockchafer, which we call the Open hammer, and the black one, which we call the wife worm.This kind of black like to stay in the soil under the root of the earth wall, remember when I was a child, under the root of the wall 垉 it, along with 垉 along with say, wife wife insect son married, married wife son sitting in the moon.After a while it 垉 out.”A netizen recalled.”We call cang flies, the adult insects of the dogs in the fields. At this time of year, there are many in the wheat fields. In the evening, we go to catch them in pairs.”A Shangqiu Zhe City net friend recalled.”In Xuzhou, we called it blind old bump. When I was young, when it was just getting dark, we would go to the fields to catch it, put it in a bottle, and feed it to the chickens the next morning.”One “apple tree, poplar just sprouted that array too much, in the evening, shake the tree, fell to the ground, after 70 passing by.”A netizen left a message after 70.”The one you’re talking about is wood paste, which we call maomao monkey here.When I was a child, I caught (caught) this worm, and I also ate it, in the way of frying and frying, but after a long time, I don’t eat it very much, and I get bored with it.Then I fed them to chickens.””One netizen said.”I used to eat them when I was young. When the wheat was about to ripeness in May and June, I caught a lot of it at night and fried it with oil.”One netizen said.”There are a lot of old residential areas in Shanghai. At night, when I turn on the light, I will fly and hit the window. I haven’t heard that anyone eats it.””Said a Shanghai netizen.”This worm is called night touch. After dark, I would work in pairs in the lawn by the river, grab a handful of them and fry them with boiling water. It smells good!Thanks for reminding us of our childhood.””One netizen said.Source: Dahe Daily video editor: Liu Rui