Beijing is a beautiful city

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Beijing’s streets are full of beautiful scenery.New gansu gansu daily reporter Zhang Tieliang new gansu gansu daily reporter Wen-bo zhang late February 4, skiing in Beijing shougang big platform, a colorful bright lights show great.With three cooling towers as the background, through three-dimensional projection, the elements of ice and snow of the Winter Olympics, the elements of The New Year and the elements of Beijing city are vividly presented, which echoes the changes of the lighting of the large jumping platform on the side, and Outlines the colorful gorgeous night scene, which is exciting, joyful and peaceful, or dazzling.In order to celebrate the games event, Beijing elaborate three iconic landmarks, 10 theme flower bed, 620 landscape sketch, 280000 lanterns lighting, propaganda, flags, more than 60000 18000 publicity pictures, 28 light show, at present have been exciting show everywhere in the city, “double the city” to add the beauty of picturesque scenery.”We are in line with the principle of highlighting, simple and wonderful, integration and coordination, the participation of the whole people, green innovation, safety and reliability, carefully arranged every winter Olympics urban landscape, bright spots, simple but not simple.”Beijing Olympics, deputy director of office of city operation and environmental protection group, Beijing urban management committee, deputy director of the said metcalf jv, on the design of the urban landscape, pay attention to the games and the fusion of the Spring Festival folk elements design of the emblem, mascot, ice and snow of the winter Olympics and Chinese knot, lanterns, lamp decoration, Chinese zodiac, everyone elements such as the Spring Festival very well together.In Tian ‘anmen Square, the 17-meter-high “Wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower bed, with China as the main scene, combined with the Winter Olympics emblem and ice and snow elements, expressed good wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The bottom of the flower bed is 38.6 meters in diameter. It is surrounded by the Olympic rings and inlaid with a pattern of snowflakes, implying the celebration of the Winter Olympics in all continents.Elements of the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival are integrated here. “Chinese style” embodies “international style”.In the area of landscape layout, Beijing insists on scientific overall planning and reasonable layout.Around the venues of the Winter Olympics, athletes’ residences and the contact lines of the venues, the environmental landscape of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be created with the themes of “Double Olympic Ceremony”, “Urban renewal and innovative development”, “Passion and city vitality”, “Rejuvenation and industrial innovation”, “Green Mountains, clear water and ice and snow Festival” and “national Celebration”.In the back streets, lanes, business areas, scenic spots and other city people’s doorsteps, the public service facilities around the Spring Festival have carried out a series of landscape layout, such as hanging lanterns, all kinds of decorations, set up landscape sketches.In addition, in the process of making the landscape, Beijing made full use of 3D printing technology, LED high-definition display and perceptual interaction technology, so that citizens can not only see, but also participate in the interaction.In terms of materials, through the reprocessing of plant debris, especially the abandoned branches after garden construction are made into colorful organic coverings and designed into organic art works, which not only enriches the color of the city in winter, but also adds vitality to the city.”The most important thing is the participation of the general public in the whole process of design, production and layout.”Zhang Yan said that at the beginning of the winter Olympics landscape planning and design, they invited the general public to actively participate in the final public participation in the delivery of nearly a thousand pieces of design works, selected 20 pieces of work, arranged in the streets of the city.Not long ago, also carried out the Winter Olympics city landscape clocking activities and “the public’s favorite Spring Festival and Lantern Festival landscape layout” selection activities, attracting extensive participation of the public, many winter Olympics city landscape has become the new “net red clocking ground”, further added to the national participation in the Winter Olympics, sharing the good atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.When the Winter Olympics meets the beauty of the Spring Festival, when the pure snow and ice meets the festive “Chinese red”, Beijing carefully creates the urban landscape, actively demonstrates the unique charm of the “Double Olympic City”, and endeavors to host a Winter Olympics grand event that will leave a deep impression and good memories on the world.