Promote the construction of 70 primary, secondary and kindergartens!Key points of education work in Qingdao in 2022

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Today, Qingdao Municipal Education Working Committee and Qingdao Education Bureau released the key points of the city’s education work in 2022.In 2022, Qingdao will promote the construction of 70 primary, middle and kindergarten schools to ensure the supply of degrees.We implemented the plan to double quality education resources, and launched a campaign to develop new primary and secondary schools with a higher starting point and to improve the quality of junior high schools.To promote the implementation of the “Strong Foundation Plan” and extend it to junior high schools.We will accelerate the construction of modern vocational education parks and formulate plans to adjust the layout of vocational schools directly under the Municipal Education Bureau.Promotion based on large data of personalized homework to promote students’ physical and mental health, comprehensive development in 2022, Qingdao will be introduced to strengthen and improve comprehensive plan of action, the school physical education, aesthetic education work three years continued to build students’ all-round development of “ten projects” brand, “10 big festival” of primary and middle school students, which are held in perfect “ten” project competition mechanism, create a “ten” projectDemonstration schools and sports art projects featured schools, associations.We will deepen the reform to integrate physical education with sports and education, encourage primary and secondary schools to offer one PE class a day, and ensure that students have one hour of physical activity each day in and out of school.We will fully implement the policy of reducing taxes on both sides of the economy.We will continue to give priority to the “double reduction” work, strengthen the role of schools as the main front, and systematically improve the level of classroom teaching, homework design and after-school services.We will improve the district-municipal and school joint teaching and research system, strengthen teaching research, enhance the capacity of teachers, improve teaching methods, strengthen teaching management, create efficient classrooms, and foster and popularize a number of excellent courses, excellent teaching methods, excellent teaching reform projects and excellent lesson examples.Actively promote “basic work + flexible work”, hierarchical work, personalized work based on big data, explore production, investigation, housework and other work modes.We will ensure funding and flexible working hours for teachers, fully provide after-school care services for “5+2” teachers, and organize online e-tutoring for teachers.We will further promote the special governance of off-campus training institutions, strictly regulate the number, courses, teachers, training periods and capital financing of off-campus training institutions, strengthen oversight of “pre-charge”, and promote the transformation and development of disciplinary institutions.The development of newly built primary and secondary schools from a high starting point will promote the expansion and improvement of basic education.We will build 70 primary, secondary and kindergarten schools to ensure the supply of degrees.We implemented the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development and improvement of preschool education, and renovated 50 rural kindergartens.Doubling plan the implementation of quality education resources, start new a high starting point development action of primary and secondary schools and junior high school school mass action, continue to deepen the reform of the federation of kindergarten and collectivization primary and middle schools, high standard, high quality cultivating the first city compulsory education experimental school, further promote the development of primary and secondary school characteristics, fine management, quality and pride.qinhua action, solid strong town preconditions for pilot work, to speed upWe will promote the establishment of the Puhui County for universal preschool education and the county for the balanced development of quality compulsory education, and strive to make two districts (cities) the first to meet the establishment standards.We will continue to deepen the establishment of “sunshine campus” and “civilized campus”, carry out the work of achieving standards and achieving excellence in campus cultural construction, and establish demonstration schools for campus cultural construction.We will run the Autism Education and Guidance Center in Shandong province, and establish demonstration areas and schools for disabled children to study in class in Shandong Province.Formulate plans to adjust the layout of vocational schools to promote the innovative development of vocational education.The municipal vocational education conference was held, and a number of achievements in the construction of innovation and development highland of vocational education were released.We will accelerate the construction of modern vocational education parks and start construction of Qingdao Modern Vocational Education Central School.To formulate a plan for adjusting the layout of vocational schools directly under the Municipal Education Bureau, and implement a project to standardize the conditions of vocational schools.Accommodation conditions in secondary vocational schools will be improved.Support the preparation and construction of Qingdao Rail Transit Vocational College, Qingdao Health Vocational College, the integrated training base for industry and education of Qingdao Vocational And Technical College, and the second phase of Qingdao Preschool Teachers’ College.We will promote high-quality development of vocational education, and support the establishment of high-level secondary vocational schools in Shandong province, and counties with distinctive specialties and notable achievements in vocational education reform.We will continue to carry out national trials to develop cities that integrate industry and education, foster enterprises that integrate industry and education, and support vocational schools in setting up industrial colleges.A number of vocational colleges offered education for the elderly to promote the integrated development of higher education.The standardized management and service guarantee of imported higher education institutions shall be carried out according to the classification, and the completion and delivery of rehabilitation universities shall be promoted.We will support the development of first-class universities in Qingdao, coordinate the construction and opening of the Qingdao Campus gymnasium of Shandong University, and speed up the construction of the West Coast Campus of Ocean University of China and the Shanghai He Campus of Qingdao University.We will improve the supply of continuing education services.We will improve the community education network.We will continue to promote the integrated development of vocational education and continuing education, and encourage a number of vocational colleges to offer education for the elderly.The “Wisdom for the Elderly” project has been launched to train the elderly in the use of smart technologies, and course resources have been fully integrated into the National Learning network and cable TV platforms.We will ensure the success of the national Lifelong Learning Week.We will continue to open education wider to the outside world.China has strengthened educational exchanges and cooperation with THE SCO countries, actively assisted in the preparation of the Shanghai Cooperation School of Economics and Trade and the Sino-German University of Technology in Qingdao, held the China-SCO Educational Exchange Week and the SEMINAR on urban education of THE SCO countries, and established an educational exchange mechanism with the relevant cities of the SCO countries.The “Strong Foundation Plan” extends to junior middle schools to deepen the reform of talent training.Further promote the link between science and game activities, strengthen the study of children’s daily life, and comprehensively promote scientific education.We will promote provincial experimental areas for environmental education, standardize the construction of schools, and do a good job in selecting and cultivating discipline bases for provincial and municipal ordinary high schools and ordinary high schools with special features.The pilot project of “Singularity Plan”, a provincial top-notch innovative reserve talent training program, was carried out with high standards, and the “Strong foundation Plan” was implemented and extended to junior high schools.We will deepen the reform of the mode of running comprehensive high schools, and support regular high schools and secondary vocational schools in co-operating with each other to hold new experimental classes for providing comprehensive vocational education.We will deepen education in innovation and entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools, promote the development of innovation laboratories, and organize activities such as Mind Games for primary and secondary school students, Maker competitions, and science and technology festivals.We will further improve the construction of characteristic cities for Marine education demonstration cities, improve the Marine education curriculum system, build Marine education groups in primary and secondary schools, and hold a series of competitions for Marine festivals in primary and secondary schools.Promote the comprehensive education of post courses and certificates, and improve the professional skills of secondary vocational students.We will strengthen special studies on vocational education and college entrance examinations, and broaden the channels for students to enter higher education.