Zhongchangsheng ranking: In 2021, the fiscal revenue of suqian city’s established towns ranks Yanghe Town first in the city

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The fiscal revenue of Yanghe Town in Sucheng District reached 813 million yuan in 2020, ranking first in Suqian city, with its fiscal revenue increasing by 9.33 million yuan compared with 2019.Second, the top ten in 2020 total revenue of 2.599 billion yuan Fiscal revenue of organic towns where the top ten are: sucheng yanghe town, the town, shuyang shuyang mulberry town LiHeng Town GuanMiao Town, shuyang pond ditch town, two districts, towns, shuyang shuyang yan qing town, sucheng, ocean Bei Town, shuyang down town, sihong town.The total fiscal revenue of the top 10 in 2020 reached 2.599 billion yuan.Among the top 10, sucheng District, Shuyang County, Suyu District and Sihong County account for two, six, one and one respectively.Top 10 strong income gap is larger, the first yanghe town more than the tenth boundary town nearly 700 million yuan.The fiscal revenue of the other nine towns was less than 400 million yuan.The total fiscal revenue of suqian city’s administrative towns in 2020 reached 4.997 billion yuan, with an average of 76 million yuan. There were 50 administrative towns lower than the average, accounting for 75.76%.In suqian city, the overall fiscal revenue is weak, with only 1 over 500 million yuan, 5 over 200 million yuan and 53 under 100 million yuan.The fiscal revenue of Zaohe Town in Suyu District was 9.44 million yuan in 2020, ranking last among all the towns in Suqian.