China football team defeated Oman 0-2!Li Xiaopeng: this is our best performance, the loss due to the poor team strength

2022-07-16 0 By

In the early hours of this morning, the Chinese men’s national football team has just finished a round 12 match.So in the preliminary match against Oman, Chinese men’s national football team did not create a miracle, and finally suffered a complete defeat 0-2, with a rather disappointing experience, to complete the final round of 12.After listening to nearly two hours of chanting in Oman’s home stadium, the Chinese national football team failed to live up to the fans’ expectations. The overall performance was indeed a complete defeat by the opponents.In this game, we can see that Oman in the face of national soccer team, was kicked out of the performance of the Asia’s top teams, so although the match, Oman possession is not very outstanding, team pass the error also is more, but have to say on the frontcourt threats and the ability to create opportunities, Oman is rolling the team’s throughout the match,It can even be said without mercy that this game Oman is on the field wantonly, the National football team turned into a juggling team.In the whole game, Oman team shot on target 4 times out of 11 times, and the threat ability in front of the goal is really too strong, while our National football team this time, 7 shots on target, it can be said that they did not bring any effective threat to the opponent.The overall offense is completely pulled over, such an experience is really hard to imagine, the National football team or with the identity of the fourth tier Asian team to face the fifth tier Asian team.So it is no exaggeration to say that for this game, the performance of the National football team sorry the fans, did not bring us a good result.After the defeat, Li Xiaopeng, the head coach of National football Team, also summed up the game and interpreted the problem of 0 shots on target. However, his answer did not get the forgiveness of fans, but caused more controversy.After the match, Li Xiaopeng talked about the team’s performance in front of the camera. Li Xiaopeng said that in today’s match, the team played something in the offensive end, and the defeat was reasonable.In the face of the reporter for the offensive end of the question, Li Xiaopeng showdown that the team has been in full attack, he thought that compared with the last game, this game is a better performance of the National football team.As for why the team’s poor performance, national football coach Li Xiaopeng gave the answer is that the team strength is not strong enough.So it can be said that after li Xiaopeng’s words were exposed, he gave his personal opinion, that is, the team lost the game completely due to the strength of the team, and I have tried my best to help the team to play a good performance in this match, did not complete the goal, also has nothing to do with myself.Therefore, this is equivalent to li Xiaopeng’s absolute showdown after the game, but such an attitude, but it is difficult to win the recognition of fans.Of course, we admit that the strength of The National football team is not as good as Oman at present. It can be said that both the individual ability and the confrontation are far from Oman. However, the National football team should not lose so weakly in the face of Oman.Then after the opening 11 minutes, the opponent scored, and then the team began to defend, in the second half of liu Binbin, a play without a center, this series of operations are difficult to understand.In fact, the head coach of Oman had already made it clear before the match that the National football Team would fight with him to attack, so the defense of the team did well, but Li Xiaopeng did not have any effective adjustment to change the problem.So there’s no denying he has to take responsibility for this game.Therefore, such comments after the game really let Li Xiaopeng himself into trouble.The fact proved that After the accident, Li Xiaopeng could not continue to be competent for the position of the head coach of The National football Team for a long time. Therefore, for Chen Xuyuan, the change of the head coach in the top 12 tournament also had something to blame.