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Chapter 1 A Departing Song (1) Luoyang, the capital of Dayou.Wu Bao Tianhua Wang steam Wei, when the hot sun, high temperature burning.Luoyang’s climate is warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and cold in winter.Therefore, in the summer, it is extremely hot.But even so heat, still can not stop the pace of the flow of people in Luoyang city and busy bustling, a crown covered the grand occasion of Beijing.At this time, on the high and lofty south gate wall, there is a man standing with his hand in his back, who is about thirty years old, wearing a purple official robe, hanging gold ribbon around his waist, a slightly square appearance slightly resolute, sword eyebrow into the temples, fengyan sheng wei, a pair of deep eyes zhanran if god, this is the great and quiet commander adult Yang Hu.Three days ago, the military document of the seventh emperor’s victory had been sent to Luoyang, so the emperor ordered him to meet it here.”Your excellency, the sun is so hot that fifty thousand dragons and tigers could not reach Luoyang if they wanted to. It is better for your excellency to hide inside and come out to meet the army.”The speaker was clad in armor, with a sword hanging from his side, and beneath his helmet he was sweating a little.’No harm!The goat Hu negative hand and stand, faint and majestic feng mou has been falling in the distance, occasionally a shallow breeze from outside the city to plunder, with the goat Solemn and dignified official robes slightly sound.It is already noon, the sun is more poisonous, but can not see the dragon tiger army to trace, the goat hu wiped the forehead between the hot sweat, pursed pursed lips seems to have something to say.”Coming!Suddenly, due north of the Ten Mile Pavilion above a burst of fire.Next to the hot sweat straight out of the guard face immediately see pleased, “your excellency, dragon and tiger army arrived.”The sheep hu nature also saw the ten miles pavilion direction of the fire, micro invisible point nod, then stretch out his hand to arrange the official robe, about a breath of time, this is not urgent not slow from the tower down.Although it is ten miles apart, the marching sound of the dragon and tiger army can be heard in The city of Luoyang, and the people inside and outside the city gate are waiting, staring straight at the front with a stare of admiration.At the beginning, when the Dragon and Tiger army was known to the world, it was in the battle of Western Shu five years ago. With only 100,000 troops, the Dragon and Tiger Army defeated the 200,000 troops defending the city of Western Shu and conquered western Shu. After this battle, the Dragon and Tiger army became famous all over the world.Later, in the war with the Northern Wu, the Dragon and Tiger army also defeated the northern Wu xiongwanzhong with weak forces, and attacked the northern Wu capital. After the two wars, the dragon and Tiger xiongxiong was known to the world.Because the dragon and tiger army is stationed outside all the year round, seven years have never entered the capital, and now the border battle with The South Yan, Yang Big you national dignity, big you yan Emperor great joy, so special allow seven emperor son Sima Rui to take the army back to Luoyang.However, the people in Luoyang got the news from somewhere, so they braved the hot midsummer weather and stayed under the scorching sun, just to see the dragon and tiger.The sheep far see line in front of the army of cavalry first, a young longitudinal horse, young about twelve years old, wearing armor, gown flying, face tender from see three distinguish Juan, skin dark from see seven points resolute, handsome outline, narrow eyes suction soul.Who can think, in charge of the world famous dragon tiger army leader will be such a young and delicate young.The sheep looked at the longitudinal people, eyes not by sliding praise of the color, seven prince this return, think it should be the king.”Micro minister was ordered to welcome seven prince here, congratulations on the return of seven prince, the emperor has prepared a celebration banquet in the palace to welcome seven prince.”Sima Rui pulled the REINS, looking at the body of the people smiled, and then jumped down from the horse, help up the sheep, “let tai Wei adult long wait, it is rui’s fault.”Voice composed and powerful, which smell childish voice.”Can welcome seven emperor son is the honor of micro minister, also please seven emperor son move back to the house, don’t let the emperor and palace people long etc.”The Sheep are neither humble nor pushy, tall body alone high over sima Rui two head.”Thank you for reminding me that rui is not careful, Rui this back to the seven prince house bath and change clothes, and then into the palace to see the father huang.””Seven Prince, please.”The sheep got out of the way.Sima Rui tiptoe light point, a jump, then jump back immediately, picked up the REINS, toward the Sheep hu gongshou way, “Tai Wei adult many gifts.”Polite, Yang Rope longitudinal horse, with fifty thousand troops behind the yangchang away, leaving behind the gaze of the Sheep and Luoyang city a dry Yang envy of the people.The moon covers the western hills, the glow is dim, the sky is slightly black, and the stars are looming.At night, Luoyang is already thousands of lights, restaurants, lanterns hanging, although it is night, busy busy day, some streets are busy at this time is extraordinary, every bit of decoration is revealing the ultimate luxury life behind the prosperity of Luoyang city.In the palace.Due to the return of seven emperor, so Yan Emperor set up a celebration banquet in the palace, the ministers have arrived at this time, only such as the protagonist seven emperor.Sima Rui went back to the palace, took off his armor and changed his clothes, and hurried to the palace.”I have seen his Royal Highness seven princes. Congratulations to your Royal Highness on your triumphant return.”The courtiers rose to congratulate.Sima Rui eyes glanced at the present crowd, smiled slightly, “Rui today can return, all rely on my big you rich soldiers strong, also rely on the hall above the ministers to fulfill their duties, the ministers do not have to gift!”Sima Rui ignored the ceremony and looked at the seat in front of the Lord. “Little brother visited big Brother, third brother, fifth brother and sixth brother. I didn’t see you for more than half a year.In front of Sima Rui sat four young men, all dressed in satin robes, the first of whom was the oldest, but all of whom were handsome and clean-cut.”Where is the seventh brother, the seventh brother from the border, such a majestic wind I and big huang brother, five huang brother six huang brother can only look up to, the seventh brother don’t take huang brother a few people laugh.”Sima Rui had hardly finished speaking when he was met by a man with a slightly sour voice. Sima Jue, the third son of the king of You, was fifteen years old. At fourteen, he had already been crowned king of Zhao.Sima Rui heard this voice, the face still with a shallow smile, “in the past see sanhuang brother on horseback tiger tiger majestic, younger brother dark born admiration of the heart, did not think of it on their own as sanhuang brother that longitudinal horse hui, sanhuang brother male wind, younger brother can only look at its back.”Sima – chueh did not speak.”Half a year, seven younger brother is more and more taller, just a few people are still discussing a moment to see seven younger brother will be what kind of appearance, did not think just half a year, seven younger brother has long so high, but let the emperor brother a few people surprised, seven younger brother quickly sit down first, father and two younger brother must come quickly.”The speaker is the great prince, Sima Hong, who has been crowned king.”That little younger brother is inferior to obey respectfully.”Sima Rui quickly flashed something under his eyes, but the smile on his face remained unchanged as he sat down.”Your Majesty, your Crown Prince.”A high voice sounded in the distance, and all the courtiers rose.”Minister kowtowing to my emperor, long live the emperor, long live the emperor.See your Royal Highness, your Royal Highness a thousand years a thousand years a thousand years.”As the eunuch high voice, people will take the lead to see two people leisure court letter to walk, followed by a eunuch maid.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!