Dalian coaching staff in place, Xie Hui will be the hero of the super league captain!2 Reason is the key

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Dalian coaching staff in place, Xie Hui will be dalian Wanda junior + into the Chinese Super League captain!2. The reason is that after the rapid completion of the share reform, the Working group of Dalian Football Reform and Development has become the management team of Dalian Professional football Club, and the work is progressing smoothly.After the open selection, former national football player Xie Hui won the competition with Jia Xiuquan, Guo Hui and others and became the coach of Dalian. This is also the third Shanghai coach of Dalian after the professionalization of Chinese football, the previous two are famous national football players Zhang Honggen and Xu Genbao.Xie Hui has arrived in The soccer city of Dalian with his wife and children, and has confirmed his coaching team.The initial shape of the Dalian coach team has a total of 3 people, coach Xie Hui brought the assistant is in China at all levels of league struggle for many years Hong Kong players Wu Weichao.Wu weichao’s father, Wu Zhiying, is a famous player in Guangzhou and has been selected to the National men’s football team. His cousin is the famous Actor Wu Zhenyu from Hong Kong.It is worth mentioning that xie Hui points the other coaching staff members is Dalian nationality player Chang Lin, this choice is a little unexpected, but after careful analysis, absolutely in the common sense!Personally, Chang Lin can enter the Dalian coach team, there are two important reasons.Chang Lin was born in 1981, that age dalian nationality player talent blowout!Zhang Yaokun, Zou Jie, Yan Song, Hu Zhaojun, An Qi, Wang Sheng, Zhang Yalin and other famous players are chang Lin’s teammates. They worked together in Dalian Youth Team and then joined dalian Wanda Second Team.This group of Dalian players occupy half of the national junior, national youth and Olympic teams. Chang Lin was selected to the National under-19 team in 2000, but he never got a chance to play in the first team because dalian Wanda was full of talent at that time.In 2001, Chang Lin became the captain of Dalian Saidelong, leading the team to start the promotion road.In 2004, the team, renamed Zhuhai Zhongbang, entered the Chinese Super League, which was chang Lin’s first success as captain.The team changed its name to Shanghai Liancheng and then merged with the established Shanghai Shenhua team, with Chang always playing with the team.In 2008, Chang Lin transferred to Hangzhou Green City.In 2010, Chang Lin returned to his hometown, joined the second new army Dalian Albin, 2011, completed the jump dalian Albin rushed super success, Chang Lin for the second time as the team leader.In 2012, Chang Lin, as the captain of the promoted team, won the fifth place in the Chinese Super League and almost qualified for the Asian Champions League.After retirement, Chang Lin became the executive coach of Dalian U19 Team. Together with her mentor pei Yongjiu, she led the team to win the 2017 Elite League championship and the National U19 Championship. This is the first time that Dalian Youth Team won the national championship in 10 years!Chang Lin’s teaching ability has been unanimously recognized.Xie Hui chose Chang Lin as a teaching assistant for the first reason, chang Lin is very familiar with the Dalian team!Chang Lin, a player in the early days of the team as the captain, led the team to complete the rush and a firm foothold in the Chinese Super league.When Chang Lin took the position of echelon coach, many of his disciples have entered the first team, regardless of the replacement back to the Chinese Super League, or in the Chinese First league, these young players may become the backbone of the team.The second reason is that Chang Lin is very familiar with the new team and the echelon coaches of Dalian people at all levels. She is a good friend for many years and can do a good job in communication among them.Just came to work in Dalian xie Hui and Wu Weichao, are chang Lin’s teammates in Shanghai Shenhua.When Chang Lin was the captain of Dalian Saidelong, Liu Yujian was the coach of Dalian U21 team. Before the new coach of Dalian was confirmed, He and Sun Wei led the team to complete the winter training. Zhao Xuri, who has become a veteran, is now the captain of Dalian.Zhang Yaokun, Zou Jie, Zou Peng and so on in dalian people echelon are changlin’s teammates who played football together since childhood.It can be said that Xie Hui wants to quickly familiar with the Dalian team, and better communication with new colleagues, choosing Chang Lin as a teaching assistant, is a best choice!I hope dalian people can quickly get on the right track, Dalian football come on, Dalian football good luck!