Jiangsu Xinyu custom Huzhou indoor and outdoor landscape stainless steel flower box customization how to choose?

2022-07-16 0 By

Stainless steel flower box customization, including material selection, style selection of two aspects.The choice of style is often better than the choice of material.Because the style is more intuitive, if the early customization is based on style, then the later must be based on material.Stainless steel flower box custom style selection, the most complex, but also the most simple.Sometimes a glance, sometimes dazzling.But classify look design, nothing more than two kinds, namely contemporary and classical two big kinds.Modern money, give priority to with straight line on line, more atmosphere, concise on color.And classic money, give priority to with curve on line, more freehand brushwork, quietly elegant on color.Stainless steel flower box customization in the selection of good, the next is to choose the material.There are two stainless steel options: 201 and 304.Both materials are suitable for outdoor use and last up to 20 years.Stainless steel contains chromium, nickel elements, corrosion resistance improved.Stainless steel flower box customization in the choice of material, another consideration is the price.Stainless steel 201 price lower than 304,304 corrosion performance is better.Comprehensive price and product performance, consider the choice of material.Jiangsu xin yu high-tech landscape metal products factory has been in line with the aim of honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, and according to the order requirement, faithfully, to finish the task within the city circle in safety in good condition to send the goods to the customer designated, outside the city circle and around Shanghai city according to the customer request vehicles for transporting or help customers check it.