Jota leaves inter on crutches!Liverpool have never been at full strength

2022-07-16 0 By

Jota leaves inter on crutches!Liverpool have never played at full strength.According to media reports, Klopp is unsure if Jota will be fit enough to play against novic, but from the pictures of him leaving inter and stepping onto the bus, it looks as if he is not fit enough.The transfer of Luis dias to Liverpool has led to more tactical changes in Liverpool’s midfield and front.Liverpool should be able to cope on both fronts with their current set-up if thar is not available.The carling cup final is just around the corner and the final against Chelsea will take place on The 28th.Jota scored two goals in the semi-final to help Liverpool reach the final.It would be a real loss not to play in the Carling Cup final.The good news is that Salah and Mane are back, just to make up for jota’s injury.Against Arsenal in the semi-final, with Salah and Mane off to the African Cup of Nations, Jota is the one who has to score.Chelsea, on the other hand, have had their own injuries, as well as long-term injuries to their two two-wheel-drive wingbacks, and Liverpool are not to be hurt either.It would be better to postpone the Carling Cup as last year and wait for warmer weather in April.Liverpool are used to injuries and have a very good attendance record.