New Year of the Tiger: Shanghai consumer market

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At the end of the year to welcome the New Year, prosperous New Year, during the Spring Festival, Shencheng again lift consumption upsurge.According to the Consumer Market Big Data Laboratory (Shanghai), offline consumption in Shanghai reached 37.1 billion yuan during the seven-day Spring Festival period (From January 30 to February 5), an increase of 28.6% compared with the same period of 2019 before the epidemic.According to Shanghai tourism big data monitoring, the city received 10.9836 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, realizing tourism revenue of 17.721 billion yuan.In the New Year of the Tiger, Shanghai is thriving.During the Spring Festival this year, offline consumption in Shanghai showed a recovery trend of “low before and high after”. Among them, the amount of offline consumption in Shanghai on The 4th and 5th increased by 14.6% and 19.0% respectively compared with the same period of the lunar calendar of 2021, and 57.9% and 39.2% respectively compared with the same period of the Lunar calendar of 2019.During the Spring Festival, Shanghai’s catering industry paid 3.92 billion yuan in offline consumption, up 8.7% year-on-year in 2021 and 9.7% year-on-year in 2019.Consumption of cosmetics, shoes and hats, grain, oil and food increased 1.9 times, 1.3 times and 0.7 times, respectively, compared with 2021, and 2.2 times, 3.5 times and 2.6 times, respectively, compared with 2019.The Online Chinese New Year Shopping Festival is full of vitality.Hema’s sales in Shanghai increased by more than 30%;The sales of high-end prepared vegetables in Ding Dong Mai CAI increased by more than three times from the previous month, and the sales of fruits and flowers such as guangxi sugar oranges, Chile cherries and red wintersweet rose by more than 100 times, 5 times and 2 times respectively.Meituan’s in-store catering consumption in Shanghai increased by 24% year on year;Jingdong Home, a subsidiary of Dada Group, has launched the “jingdong hourly Shopping” service, with more than 100,000 retail stores operating online, and the sales volume in Shanghai has increased by about 1.4 times year-on-year.During the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, Shanghai’s cultural and tourism industry highlighted the theme of “Happy New Year intangible Cultural Heritage New Experience” under the premise of solid implementation of epidemic prevention and control and work safety measures, and vigorously enriched the market supply of Japanese cultural Tours during the Spring Festival holiday, realizing joy, peace and safety in the market.According to Shanghai tourism big data monitoring, the city received 10.9836 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, realizing tourism revenue of 17.721 billion yuan.During the Spring Festival, Shanghai will highlight “high quality, Shanghai style and Lunar New Year flavor”. With “streets + INTANGIBLE cultural heritage”, “ancient towns + Intangible cultural heritage”, “business districts + Intangible cultural heritage” and “scenic spots + Intangible cultural heritage” as the main scenes, nearly 500 Cultural tourism activities will be planned and launched in Shanghai.The city’s cultural tourism venues carefully planned to launch high-quality, high appearance level, high connotation of the exhibition and performance projects, and strive to meet the cultural needs of citizens and tourists to see plays and exhibitions.Spring exhibition and zodiac exhibition in several art museums, such as China Art Palace, Zhu qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum, have brought a festive atmosphere of Spring Festival.Shanghai Museum, Shanghai History Museum and other museums traditional festival folk theme exhibition, showing the traditional Chinese culture;Shanghai Grand Theatre, Lanxin Grand Theatre, Shanghai Concert Hall and other wonderful theatrical performances, presenting the unique charm of stage art.Many citizens who “celebrate the Spring Festival locally” also become the audience of these exhibitions and performances during the Spring Festival holiday.Various public cultural venues, museums, art galleries and art galleries in the city have also launched cloud experience activities such as “cloud exhibitions”, “cloud performances” and “cloud classes”.According to statistics, all kinds of online cultural travel activities during the festival attracted a total of 3,269,900 page views.As of 21:09 on February 6, the 2022 Spring Festival box office has officially broken 6 billion yuan, surpassing the 2019 Spring Festival box office total of 5.905 billion yuan, ranking the second highest in Chinese film history, according to data from Beacon Professional.This Spring Festival film type is diversified, war movie “watergate bridge of long jin lake” and “sniper”, comedy “the killer is not very calm” and “four seas”, the Spring Festival, 3 movies contracting children, including the miracle, silly child, a lot of drama also meet with the audience, universal coverage during the Spring Festival viewing needs.Zhou Na, an analyst with Beacon Professional, said that during the Spring Festival in the past three years, the proportion of third-tier and fourth-tier cities has gradually increased, and the market has been sinking.In addition, the average ticket price for this year’s Spring Festival broke the 50 yuan mark for the first time.According to Zhang Rongdi, an industry analyst with lighthouse Research Institute, this year’s Spring Festival continues the “super head” formation of last year and 2016, with top hits such as “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” accounting for more than 40 percent of the box office.According to Lighthouse Professional, watergate Bridge has broken 18 film records, including operation Red Sea’s 1.206 billion yuan box office record for a war film during the Spring Festival.”Sniper” is director Zhang Yimou’s first entry into the Spring Festival, although in the first few days of screening, but with gradually higher reputation, screening, box office, average audience gradually increased, the Spring Festival has become the only film in three consecutive days of box office decline, box office has exceeded 250 million yuan.During this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the number of visitors to Shanghai parks increased significantly under the initiative of “celebrating the Spring Festival in place”.Parks in the city received 3.8678 million visitors during the long holiday (Feb 1 to 6), up 11 percent from 3.4703 million during the same period in 2021, according to data released by the City’s Greening and Urban Appearance Bureau on Feb 6.During the Spring Festival, the North district of the Expo Culture Park, which opened late last year, received 80,700 visitors.During the Spring Festival, various theme park activities were carefully planned in various parks, so that the citizens who “celebrated the Spring Festival in place” felt the strong flavor of the New Year and enjoyed the feast of folk culture full of harvest.For example, “Winter Jasmine Flower Exhibition” in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, “Fu Hu Sheng Wei” New Year Night Flower Exhibition in Shanghai Botanical Garden, and “New Year Citizen narcissus Flower Exhibition” in Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park.Despite the obvious increase in the number of visitors, all parks in Shanghai strictly implemented the dual requirements of epidemic prevention and control and large number of visitors, implemented measures such as staggered peak, reservation and limiting the inflow of visitors, strengthened the health monitoring of tourists and the evacuation of people at entrances and exits to avoid large crowds and ensure the safety and order of visitors.During the Spring Festival, the city arranged a total of 177,000 square meters of flower border, about 50,000 groups of combination containers, 120 theme scenic spots (large flower beds), with a single season of about 9.33 million POTS of flowers, creating a festive and rich festival atmosphere, so that citizens and tourists can feel the spring without leaving “Shanghai”.In terms of sanitation, about 30,000 non-Shanghai sanitation workers chose to spend the Spring Festival on the spot rather than reunite with their families, ensuring that the city’s roads, large squares, landscape areas, rail transit hubs and other densely populated areas are not reduced in cleaning efforts.(Wu Weiqun, Li Baohua, Chen Xi, And Zhong Han)