Shantou Chaonan District Federation of Trade Unions to carry out the “care for enterprise workers, help industry strong district” volunteer activities

2022-07-16 0 By

To actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, vigorously promote volunteerism, deepen the party history study education “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, on February 22, shantou tide area new age volunteer corps federation, federation of trade unions, areas and dyeing center deep dyeing and printing enterprises in the park, to carry out “love for enterprise employees, strong power industry area” volunteer service activities.Event, “labor law” the union workers on the one hand, extends to the worker “female worker rights” “female worker labor protection special provisions on the regulations on the guarantee migrant wages paid publicity materials, such as interpretation and provide policies and regulations for enterprise employees, constitutional knowledge popularization, occupational disease prevention and control, legal consultation, counseling and other services.At the same time, the government has distributed pamphlets, masks and other epidemic prevention materials to enterprise employees to enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and help them return to their posts in an orderly manner, ensuring that both work and work are stable.On the other hand, the trade union staff explained in detail the functions of “Guangdong Gonghui” for workers, focusing on the “Guangdong Gonghui” small procedure registration, real-name registration and other processes, improve the information of workers, and to introduce trade union activities to workers, encourage workers to participate actively, guide the masses of workers to join the big family of the trade union.In the next step, chonan Federation of Trade Unions will continue to adhere to the group of workers, according to the diverse needs of the group of workers, to carry out colorful activities.Source | ChaoNa district federation of trade unions