Taishan team to sign Dai Weijun, teach harbour team life!Fans are absolutely furious: there is no limit to what can be done

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Beijing time On February 13, the distance from the National football team to continue the journey of the round of 12 has a period of time.According to the domestic media, the super League will start as early as the end of April.It is worth mentioning that such a schedule and the AfC Champions League have conflicts, the top four will send young players to participate in the war.Harbour to sign Dai Waijun for free?Recently in the domestic football, there is a strong news mentioned by the fans: SIPG will sign the popular national football team dai Weijun for free!In this regard, Li Xuan is also the first time to make a response: Dai Weijun and deep foot contract;The player who is currently with the national team has not communicated with Shenzu.In addition, Li xuan also said that the Harbour club did not have any negotiations with Shenzu club regarding the transfer of Dai Weijun.However, for such rumors, football fans are convinced.Never pay regulation fees, to neutral famous demon, and then to use the position of the national football team to dig people, the operation of the harbour team has always been full of SAO gas.Taishan team to sign Dai Weijun, teach the harbour team before a lot of media people broke the news, perhaps taishan team will sign Dai Weijun.About this, xiaobian is holding a supportive attitude.First, it is more conducive to promoting Duan Liu Yu to stay abroad, and the overall strength of taishan team will not be weakened;Secondly, at present Shenzhen team financial capital difficulties, Taishan team moves is the trade of killing two birds with one stone, have profit to both sides.Of course, the seaport team has the right to operate dai Weijun transfer, but free to join this kind of underprivileged means people despise.When the harbor team contact Xu Xin, famous he Xiaolong angrily scolded the harbor team shameless, designed to stabilize the team trouble.There are plenty of players who are not paid enough to make a move.The fans are completely angry: the harbour team do things without bottom line Taishan team can win the double championship, and the team’s efficient work is having a certain relationship.To know, Xu Xin, Jixiang and Shi Ke these internal aid is free to join, but there are reasons.Guangzhou team in trouble, Xu Xin is a substitute, taishan team to play the main force;The jiangsu team dissolved, Jixiang is a new home;Left the harbour team, Stone ke taishan team also sit the main position.It’s a win-win situation, and that’s why the fans are screaming at The Harbour team for doing things without a bottom line!Shenzhen team originally owed wages, but also to sign a free team core.In fact, like the Hebei team Yin Hongbo, guangzhou team some players, super power can be considered.It’s the best thing for both clubs and the players.