Viewsonic R3 Portable cinema projector 1080P

2022-07-16 0 By

Today, if you want to meet the demand of young users for portable projectors, you need not only good picture quality, but also a high level of appearance.Today, the author brings a level of appearance and picture quality both portable projector, it is eupai launched this R3 portable cinema projector.Appearance level aspect, viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector adopts coral green color, the whole machine weight is only 0.71kg, the thickness is only 35mm, can easily put into the handbag, said is a fashionable art.Viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector picture quality, viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector compact body has 1080P full HD resolution, can be the picture of every detail is clearly projected out.And the machine is also equipped with TOF laser +CMOS camera new algorithm, no matter how to move the position, a clear picture can be instantly.At the same time, it also supports up and down ±30° automatic detection trapezoidal correction.At the same time, Viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector also with Viewsonic active shutter type 3D glasses, can easily enjoy private 3D home cinema.HDR+HLG dual decoding is also available, providing more dynamic range and image details, the picture is fine.There is also Cinema Supercolor, which is adjusted by professional color team. The color gamut coverage reaches 100% rec.709, which improves the brightness and enrichis the picture.Also built-in integral elevation bracket, easy upward projection large picture.On the hardware side, the Viewsonic R3 Portable Cinema projector comes with 4GB of ram, 32GB of storage, and a 12nm process quad-core architecture and 4K decoding, which not only loads more content you want, but also makes the system very smooth.The machine also built-in 9000mAh battery, support 1.5 hours of wireless battery life, free to enjoy more good time.Sound, Viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector equipped with Dolby Audio&dts double decoding, Viewsonic Golden Ears lab carefully tuned, presenting shocking sound;It also has a one-button Bluetooth sound mode, which makes the projector instantly become a high-quality speaker.To facilitate user control, Viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector is also equipped with intelligent voice remote control, whether you want to watch a movie, or ask about the weather, no hands, your mouth is your remote control, as well as children’s voice print recognition, by voice can filter out the content not suitable for children.Application, Viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector built-in Tencent video Aurora TV, more popular new resources to enjoy;It is also equipped with HDMI2.1 interface, which supports ARC audio transmission, usb disk and mobile hard disk direct reading.It also supports ios, Android, Mac and Windows wireless on the same screen, so that content from a small screen can be easily projected onto a large screen.Finally, viewsonic R3 portable cinema projector also uses a projection ratio of 1.2:1, only 2.7 meters can easily cast a 100 inch big picture, can adapt to a variety of home environment.In addition, due to the use of LED light source, can maintain more than 20,000 hours of life.As a portable projector, Viewsonic R3 meets the needs of modern young consumers from appearance to performance and application.And at 2,599 yuan, it’s worth owning.