Wu Gang’s “old love” is back!Chang ‘e’s status at risk?

2022-07-16 0 By

Hello everyone, this is the evening animation, this is the author Xiao Huang!Today is the dragon tiangong upgrade adventure happened on the road of some fun, and also friends and enemies too white Erlang god happened some funny moments “Big Talk Dragon”.This time, Wu Gang’s “old love” is back!Chang ‘e’s status at risk?Too white is really hidden ah, he not only in the heavenly palace to do things, moon palace also has his figure!This is not, he came to the moon palace to find Wu Gang, put his previous “old love” chop tree axe back to him, confess that he stole it!But now Wu Gang has a new love, which makes him have a choice problem!Then he also told moon Rabbit that the brother who died before the real murderer is himself!He baked it last month!Well, that’s the end of this article!For more exciting content, come to the worst “Savior” of twilight Animation!They saved them, but they cooked them and wanted to “eat them”!Too white this wave of “frank bureau” jiro whole won’t!Did not expect too white usually so guilty!