Congratulations Zhu Ting!The captain of the women’s volleyball team was given a new mission, and won the reuse of the national team, CAI Bin feels happy

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team has officially appointed CAI Bin as the new head coach, which means the Chinese team will officially prepare for the Paris Olympic cycle.Now the first difficult problem in front of him is how to choose the right coaching staff and the list of training players. After completing these preparations, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team will officially usher in the first training camp after the Olympic Games, which is the revival road of The Chinese women’s volleyball team officially opened.To fans fortunately, on February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, has been a long time did not appear in front of the cameras of the Chinese women’s volleyball team captain twila appeared torch site scene, it is understood that he was appointed by the organizers of the Olympic Games torch relay hand, such a meaningful identity also shows that the organizing committee for approval twila and the Chinese women’s volleyball team,After all, the Winter Olympics, as a global event of ice and snow, is attended by more than 160 countries around the world. Its influence is second only to the Summer Olympics, and it is a major event under the umbrella of FIFA.Judging from the photos, Zhu Was in good spirits and mood. She also updated her social media immediately after the torch relay to share her excitement and joy with the outside world.Last year, Zhu Ting was revealed to have a serious injury to her right wrist in the Olympic Games, so after the National Games, Zhu Ting has been secretly undergoing surgery, she has been in the boring recuperation phase, has not been in the public eye for three months.To participate in the torch relay proves that her physical recovery is quite good, and she has been able to engage in daily life and sports.It can be said that the selection of Zhu Ting as the torchbearer by the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games also proves the country’s high recognition of the whole Chinese women’s volleyball team, which plays a very positive role in establishing the image of Zhu Ting and the whole women’s volleyball team.In last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, the performance of women’s volleyball team was criticized by the outside world. Many fans were disheartened and began to belittle the women’s volleyball players, which made many players directly choose to retire and feel very unhappy.Now with The appearance of Zhu Ting in the Winter Olympics, it means that the decline of Chinese women’s volleyball team will be over, the team will continue to write brilliant.The scene of Zhu Ting passing the torch must have been watched by CAI Bin, the new coach of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team, and the national players. They must be very proud in their hearts, which is a great help to the morale of the team.After the torch relay, Zhu Ting will also feel the sacred mission entrusted to her by the country, which is expected to make her more determined to come back as soon as possible and make more achievements for the National women’s Volleyball Team, thus contributing to the revival and progress of the national team. With her strength, Zhu Ting will still be the indisputable captain of the National women’s Volleyball Team.Seeing this, fans seem to feel that Zhu Ting and the whole Chinese women’s volleyball team are brewing a Renaissance.They now have a new boss, with the direction of, and have twila such spiritual leader, what’s more, lang ping eight years to instill the enduring women’s volleyball team spirit, with these, Chinese women’s volleyball team in the new Olympic cycle will 2, looking forward to their record, recover at an early date, let the five-star red flag flying high above the highest podium.