In the face of high pressure in the living environment how to let their life leisurely mood

2022-07-17 0 By

In war in 2022, three years of the new champions league outbreak, under the influence of all walks of life are in the plight of the economy, corporate layoffs, small companies retrench, decrease of monthly salary is only does not increase, a lot of people under the pressure of mortgage financing, really kick but gas rise, lead to a lot of people can’t pay on time reimbursement.Friends are all in the feeling, the days really had sacks bulging at the seams, was working in the office, now also don’t abandon in the flowing water workshop to work overtime every night big screw, as long as there is something to do, as long as you can earn a little money, do what things have become less important, no longer care about what form, steadfast living standards, increasing the Numbers on the card, it is better than nothing,Really.If change to before, would care about the environment, pull down the face, but now it is very full, at least in the adequate use of time.Instead of watching TV shows and short videos.However, I’m really glad that I don’t have the pressure of monthly mortgage and car loans. I eat carefully when I should eat, and sleep soundly when I should sleep. In fact, such a life is also very good.People’s food, clothing, housing and transportation do not cost much money as long as they are not so extravagant and wasteful. Three meals a day and a bed are enough. There is no need to worry about more money, but more about how to live a more meaningful and valuable life.