It’s easy to make money when you know the uptrend

2022-07-17 0 By

A lot of stockholder friends know, any stock should enter uptrend only that should begin to pull up namely!But how do they know it’s up and they don’t know it?In fact, the rising trend simply means that the main force has already attracted funds and is ready to enter the pull up mode, which is to open the trend of earning money effect, and it is also the time for us to participate actively.How do you tell the uptrend?Here to teach you a simple and practical short – line method!We all know that the average has 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 250 days and so on, as well as daily level, weekly level, monthly level classification.So, for the upward trend confirmation as long as it is multiple times to tread a moving average, and has not broken (3 days below the breaking), then can be judged as a short-term upward trend.And, the lower the grade of the moving average, the stronger the uptrend!!Average strength is 250 days > 120 days > 60 days > 30 days > 20 days > 10 days > 5 days, that is, the weaker the level of support average, in fact, the stronger the upward trend!Simply say is 5 days online wear 10 days line we can begin to pay attention to, 5 days online wear 20 days line we can begin to participate in, 20 days online wear 60 days can firmly hold, when 5 days offline wear 60 days line we can consider attention risk and short-term avoidance!Of course, here I say is to do short band method, medium and long line or recommend you to weekly level to judge, the probability of success will be higher, easy to catch a big trend.At the daily level, the uncertainty is too strong, the fluctuation is too frequent, and it is not easy to control without certain basic knowledge.Drop trend is day line level conversely from big to small permutation went!When a stock enters a downtrend, remember to participate!The truth is very simple, since the completion of the main shipment, any place you participate in, are easy to be set.Since it is to trap you, it will not easily let you out of the trap, will only let you set deeper and deeper.Creation is not easy, but also hope you like attention and forward!Your support is what keeps me going.The above contents only represent personal views, hope to help you, all contents do not constitute investment advice to anyone.