Lakers 5 years 40 million grab top 3D, King James ushered in the best helper, champion hero left the team

2022-07-17 0 By

According to a new report by Dan Woyk of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers will send Clippers forward David Covington to a five-year, $40 million deal this summer.Covington was traded by the Blazers to the Clippers at the trade deadline.He made 11 3-pointers and scored a career-high 43 points against the Bucks.Covington will become a free agent when his contract expires this summer, and the Lakers have made the first move to acquire the Clippers’ forward.The Clippers are also expected to sign Covington to an extension at the end of the season, so the two Los Angeles teams will be locked in an intense recruiting battle this summer.Covington is well known to Chinese fans. He briefly played for the Houston Rockets, where he was a standout shooter. He also used his athleticism and wingspan to protect the Rockets’ interior, often with a big shot.Covington is arguably one of the league’s top 3D defensive specialists.And the Lakers’ wing defense is a big shortcoming of the team, the offensive kaleidoscope Anthony has excellent offensive ability, but defense is not his strong point.Back this season, the lakers have been plagued by injuries to veteran trevor Ariza, leaving a big hole in their wing defense.Covington could make up for the lakers’ weakness on the wing defense.At the same time, he can be an important point for the lakers on the perimeter, a double acquisition for the lakers.If joining the lakers covington, veteran ariza are likely to be the lakers to give up, kobe era trevor ariza has helped the lakers win a championship, trevor ariza to return to the lakers before the start of this season and was looking forward to attempt the lakers’ big three to win the championship, but who also don’t think the lakers this season, and trevor ariza himself high injury-plagued sitting idle.If Ariza leaves the Lakers, there’s no ruling out the 37-year-old veteran retiring from the NBA.Covington will further improve the lakers’ defensive quality, and he is a versatile player who can help defend the post when necessary. He is one of the league’s few versatile players.The Lakers have a lot of big names, and these superstars tend to focus on individual stats and performance, and are not willing to shoulder the responsibility of doing the dirty work on the defensive end. Personally, I think Covington is the most needed player for the Lakers, and James could get a good help this summer.However, the lakers will have to get rid of westbrook’s junk contract this summer before they have enough cap space to accommodate Covington’s contract and make a more reasonable offer for him.But the lakers don’t have time to worry about those trades. The loss to the New Orleans Pelicans put the Lakers out of the playoff play-off race once again, and they’ll have to pull out all the stops to clinch a playoff spot.A failure to make the playoffs this season would hurt the lakers’ morale and make them less attractive to other stars, which would not be good for their recruiting efforts.James and the Lakers are sure to go all out for a playoff spot in the coming games.