Nash angry with referee after game!Double core together still difficult to save the nets, the true core missing 8 lost 6 games

2022-07-17 0 By

On February 2, the NBA regular season resumed.The Nets lost their fifth straight game against the SUNS after Steve Nash and his team held on for three good quarters, but the nets lost their fifth straight game to the SUNS ‘stellar stats.And after the game, Nash returned to his old team at the door, not happy.Facing the strength of the SUNS, Nash can be said to be fully prepared.In addition to the tactical targeted deployment, Harden’s return to the line of fire also provides this team with confidence.Throughout the game, Harden did everything he could on the court, even though his strained right hand wasn’t fully recovered.And another core player Owen’s performance can also be regarded as the occasional flash.But as the game entered the fourth quarter, the situation on the court gradually became clear.Although the Nets kept the score close in the first three quarters, they finally collapsed in the final quarter thanks to the coordination and outstanding play of booker, Paul and other players.The Nets are 2-6 in the eight games durant has missed.Although irving and Harden, the two core players were on the court at the same time, but Durant’s absence, there is no doubt that this team lost the real core.In an interview after the game, Nash referred to a call in the fourth quarter of the game that he said should have been fair because the teams were within four points of each other.Back in the game, Harden’s floater was blocked by The SUNS ‘McGee, and Nash thought it should have been an interference shot, but the refs had nothing to say.And after the transition, the Nets were penalized for ball tampering, which Nash found hard to swallow.However, judging from the situation at that time, the referee’s approach is not too big a problem.The Nets didn’t lose just because of a call.The Nets made just 21 free throws, while the SUNS made 31.While both teams have good quality, the SUNS are clearly in better shape as they are the only team in the NBA to rank in the top five on both ends of the floor.As for the nets, how do they get out of the slump without Durant?