“Network marketing 100 speak” 001 network promotion what are the ways?

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Lower than network promotion, different forms of demand promotion, the choice of promotion is different.And in this network era, relying on the Internet produced a series of websites is undoubtedly an important battlefield of network promotion.However, there are also differences for different sites.For promotion, the most important is undoubtedly the weight of a website.The higher the weight of the site, the greater the weight of the search engine, the better the search engine ranking.So the greater the weight value, the greater the natural flow of the site;And its natural flow is large, he should be above the relative keyword ranking will be relatively front.For those high weight platform published content, generally has the characteristics of fast collection, high ranking, benefits, once included by the high weight website, usually means that it will get a high ranking and exposure, so these platforms will generally become the promotion of the “important battlefield” in the more highly valued area.Here are some common high-weight platforms: 1. Baidu is our Baidu series, including: Baidu Post Bar;Baidu knows;Baidu Library.For the weight of Baidu, presumably do not need to say here we also know.Since Baidu has such a large flow, high weight, so for the included article, can be imagined, is not to be “wronged”.The second introduction is weibo.It is also a platform for a wide audience, especially young people, who are currently the main consumers.Nowadays, I don’t think I have ever seen a young person not reading or browsing weibo.So the volume of microblog traffic is obvious.3. For many people, Zhihu is a rising star in the field of promotion. However, there is no denying that the traffic and weight of zhihu platform are in a rising state, especially for college students.They ask, answer and read on Zhihu for a variety of reasons, which is a big boost to promotion.4, some popular apps such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and other common platforms needless to say, has been a good place for many people to spend their “salty fish” time playing.There is also such as toutiao, also gathered a lot of people.So for the weight of these platforms where to find or know his weight and flow size?In fact, there is a very easy way, that is to go to your mobile phone or computer app market to do a search.The app marketplace will automatically push you to relevant platforms and rank them by number of downloads (traffic or weight).