The Empress Dowager Feng of the Northern Wei had no interest in government. Why could she assert herself as the ruler of the Northern Wei?

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Introduction After Tuoba Hong ascended the throne, Feng was in charge of the imperial system.With her resolute political talent and courage, she calmed the yihun rebellion and stabilized the turbulent political situation of northern Wei.Mother and son are getting farther and farther apart.In 465, Tuoba Hong ascended the throne, known as Emperor Xianwen.There was a time lag between the accession of Emperor Xian wen and the reign of the Empress Dowager.If Emperor Xianwen had been in direct control of state affairs, he was just like his father Tuoban jun, who was on the throne at the age of 13 and was in charge of the rise and fall of the world and managed military affairs. In fact, Empress Dowager Feng would not have been in charge of state affairs.However, Xianwen Emperor was not Wencheng Emperor after all. He sat on the throne of the Dragon in a daze and trepidation.Empress Dowager Feng rushed to the fire to go with her husband, was saved by the people, Tuoba Hong kneeled down in front of the queen mother, the court’s important ministers all fell to the ground, begged the empress dowager to take care of health, to the country and subjects of the first, to assist the young emperor.Empress Dowager feng was tuobaihong and old ministers moved by the truth, just promised to come down.Empress Dowager Feng had received strict family education since childhood. After entering the palace, her aunt zuo Zhaoyi, emperor Taiwu, also educated and trained her for many years. She knew how to do and not do as a woman and emperor, and how to protect herself in the struggle in the harem, etc.But the Empress Dowager Feng had not been taught how to govern. No one had taught her that women could listen to the court, and no one had taught her that women could be superior to the emperor.Empress Dowager Feng had never been interested in politics in her heart, and the fate of being a woman in charge of the whole kingdom of Wei had never occurred to her.Of course, The empress Dowager feng agreed to listen to the matter, but also had a thoughtful.First of all, b hun chaos, let her understand a truth, the temptation of imperial power is too big, because of the imperial power coveted, B Hun just dare to take risks to make trouble.Although b hun has been divided now, but who can guarantee that there will be no third hun, Ding Hun and so on of the villain appear in the emperor’s side?And according to the observation and analysis of the empress dowager Feng, there are a lot of people who look covetously at the imperial power at the moment, but yi Hun has just been destroyed, xian Wen emperor’s gourd sold in what medicine is not clear, the opportunity is not mature.In this case, if the imperial power is not firmly in his hands, disaster will come sooner or later.Secondly, The Empress Dowager Feng brought up Tuoba hong from childhood and knew too much about his character.This little emperor is clever, sensitive, but he owes responsibility, suspicious, at this time to give him all the country, really let a person hard to rest assured.More important, however, was Her growing confidence.Eradicating b hun disorderly party, is in the empress Dowager feng single-handedly planned and personally operated to complete.After such a heart-stirring struggle, Empress Dowager Feng proved that she was no worse than the men of the Tuoba royal family, and even could surpass them in some respects.Similarly, also confirmed at ordinary times oneself cloth below the eyeliner, the arrangement that makes in advance is timely, also be effective.Tuobaihong and the public’s plea, but also explained everyone to their own recognition and expectations.At such a historic moment, Empress Dowager Feng did not choose to shrink back, she did not hesitate to sit beside the emperor.Emperor Xian Wen was the sixth emperor of the Tuoba family in the Northern Wei Dynasty. The twelve-year-old emperor had mixed feelings at this time.He was excited to be emperor at such an age;For his father after the death of the emperor under the protection of his mother and the old ministers, unharmed sit on the dragon chair, become the king of a country, from now on will be full of civil and military and the country’s support and excitement.He was afraid of the throne, of the court where blood had flowed, of the unforeseen events of the future.He worried, for his childish, his timid, for the full dynasty wenwu can surrender to him, for the side of this majesty incomparable, quite the empress dowager appeal can sincerely assist, whether he will be overhead, and whether will suddenly put the burden to let him unprepared and worry.Empress Dowager Feng thought about it carefully, she knew that this time of administration was only for the continuation of the great Wei state, and would not make the foundation of the state unstable and people’s life unstable because the emperor was young.However, such a simple idea is even more difficult to realize. If she does not have her own prestige, her own cronies, and the popularity she has personally cultivated and established in the court, the result will be unimaginable.After the late emperor’s great funeral, the Empress Dowager feng took a rest from her illness.She has been waiting, waiting for the right time to come out. Haste makes waste.The imperial court backlog too much, such as the emperor panic, we feel no one out to preside over the government, Wei was on the verge of collapse.At that time, the ministers would visit the queen mother several times, explain the situation, and ask the queen mother to take the overall situation of the court as the main rule, even if a few people are extremely reluctant to do nothing.Only then is the time ripe.The Queen does not wait passively.In this period of rest and recuperation days, the queen mother has been in painstaking attainments to create the blueprint of the government, as well as the ideas and steps to achieve the blueprint.First of all, she should thoroughly liquidate the league b Hun group’s cronies, so that the court as soon as possible to stabilize down, but also let everyone realize that under her leadership, Big Wei Jiangshan thousands of generations, who do not have outrageous ideas;We will confiscate all the illegal gains and property stolen by corrupt officials in recent years and fill the state Treasury with financial resources to promote development and construction.Let all the officials, from the major officials of the imperial court to the members of the royal family to the county officials, feel in their hearts a situation of high pressure, and understand that power is given by the court, not a tool to plot evil or seize property. Only loyalty to the court and due diligence are the right way.More importantly, she should pacify the army and the people for the emperor, gather together civil and military courtiers, reorganize the central government, and the loyal minister of one heart to the important position up.She also remembered that when the new and the old were being replaced, there were still many observers, and even some officials who had followed Yi Hun for a while. They felt that their heads would be moved at any time, and they were desperate for the future.Therefore, these three fires should be burned well and appropriately, not only to settle accounts, but also to gather people together, but also to kill as few people as possible, so that the prodigal son can return to better.As soon as Empress Dowager Feng appeared, the court was calm and on track.The first thing she did was to reorganize the central government and reuse Gao Yun and Gao Lu.Gao Yun is the first emperor and his always respected old minister, is a generation of scholars.Gao Lu is a few years younger than Gao Yun, is a generation of romantic wit, erudite tongjin, export chengzhang, he and Gao Yun is a close friend for many years.The complementary cultural structure of Gao Yun and Gao Jian laid the cultural foundation in the center of the imperial court, and bringing them into the center was inevitably the best choice to link the past and the future, as well as the thought of Empress Dowager Feng.The empress dowager placed Genga in a position of military importance.Genga was also valued by the late emperor and empress Dowager.He served in the court for many years, fought on the battlefield, distinguished military service, by The Empress Dowager Feng appointed as a commander, in charge of the military power, so that he had enough status in the center of the clan to form a balance with the five Kings.And rising tone Godfrey colophon new into, ru Yin Godfrey colophon bliss, JingZhao Godfrey colophon pushing, let the city Godfrey colophon clouds and dhi Yin Godfrey colophon small new into the imperial clan five Kings, are expected to emperor 拓跋濬 closest and most important brothers and their right hand, the bully party, von queen mother for their use five have struggled, strategy is incorporated in the central, kick upstairs, cut to the relieving,Stay with the emperor.In order to help the young emperor tuo Jianhong healthy growth, empress Dowager Feng especially reuse a xian Wen di’s young friend step six gu Dingguo, he was once in the pacification of the chaos of love neutral, and killed by b Hun Lu Li (Step six gu Li) general’s son.In addition, she also used zhi Xiu, Dugu Ni and other loyal and straight ministers to become a reliable force in the court.Conclusion To clean up the residual forces of Yihun, Queen Mother Feng’s strategy is to not forgive the most vicious crimes, not to fight for the death of the crime can win over, for our use: willfully slow down the processing, try to make conflicts from big to small from small to nothing, do her best to ensure stability and development.At this point, Empress Dowager Feng began her brilliant, tortuous money career.It should be said that having Empress Dowager Feng presiding over wei was a historical choice.