What are the characteristics of prose novels?

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What are the characteristics of prose novels?The characteristics of prose novels are: first of all, the plot level is not dramatic, secondly, the character level is diluted, and finally, the creation of artistic conception level.The above three points are the characteristics of prose novels.Generally, the plots of prose novels are relaxed and gentle, without too many plot ups and downs, which are relatively calm and gentle novels.In general, prose novels no longer belong to the core of the novel in terms of plot.It tends to be lyrical language description, highlighting the structural characteristics of prose culture, and compared with traditional novels, prose novels lack a certain degree of drama, so it can also be called non-dramatic novels.For the traditional novels, the description of characters is very important.While the prose novels tend to dilute the character in the novel, and only present the most primitive state of the characters in the novel.This is the important difference between prose novels and traditional novels.In the prose novels, the artistic conception in the novels is the manifestation of the author’s emotions, and also the reproduction of the social and natural environment, as well as the living conditions and customs.Prose novels do not directly write characters, nor do they directly write characters’ personalities, but focus on the description of atmosphere.Thus constitute a unique novel style.In terms of artistic expression technique, prose novels absorb the fusion writing method of both novels and poems, and combine the emotional description and objective artistic conception of novels, focusing on a natural style and language description with lasting appeal.To strengthen the description of social customs and living environment of reality.