Why should Shanghai carry out a new round of nucleic acid screening in fragments

2022-07-17 0 By

The China youth daily client in Shanghai on March 28 (QingWang reporter, the popular newspaper supplement Wei Qimeng) the reporter learns from the epidemic prevention and control work at a news conference in Shanghai, yesterday, the city of new local COVID – 19 confirmed cases of 50 cases (all are light) and asymptomatic infection in 3450 cases, including 17 cases of confirmed cases and 2833 cases of asymptomatic infections found in the isolation of control,The rest were found in the screening of relevant risk groups.Last night, the Office of the Municipal Leading Group on COVID-19 Prevention and Control released the following information:Spread to curb the spread of disease, safeguard people’s life safety and body health, as soon as possible social, “dynamic reset” comprehensive previous rounds screening nucleic acids and assessed by the expert, throughout the city to carry out a new round of cutting type, mesh screening nucleic acid, 5, 28, is bounded by the huangpu river partition partial implementation of screening nucleic acids.Wu Jinglei, director of the Municipal Health Commission, stressed that the city’s airports, railways, and international passenger and freight services were operating normally while nucleic acid screening was carried out in the city.Shanghai will strengthen personnel control in relevant areas during nucleic acid testing, implement traffic control and strictly control personnel flow.At the same time, the control of interprovincial crossings has been strengthened. It is not necessary to come to Shanghai or leave Shanghai when it is not necessary. When leaving Shanghai, a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours is required.Wu Fan, deputy dean of Shanghai Medical School of Fudan University and a member of the expert group of the municipal leading group on epidemic prevention and control, said that the city had achieved initial results in the prevention and control of the epidemic, with a large number of infected people detected and effectively controlled, which stopped the rapid spread of the virus among the population and effectively contained the scale of the outbreak.Through the analysis of the screening results, it was found that there were two characteristics of regional aggregation and urban distribution of the epidemic in The city, and there was a potential risk of surface outbreak.Wu said that after a comprehensive analysis, it is necessary to take more decisive and resolute measures to further reduce the social mobility of people, rapid screening and detection of infected people, and completely eliminate the hidden community transmission of the virus.This round of nucleic acid screening will be carried out in pieces to identify the bottom line and clear up the areas. Based on the original cut-and-grid strategy, the prevention and control measures will be optimized according to the progress of the epidemic, so as to quickly control the rising momentum of the epidemic and achieve social elimination as soon as possible.”The key to winning is the concerted efforts of the city’s people, with full coverage, no omissions, little movement and strict control,” she said.Hopefully, we can get to zero as quickly as possible.”(Source: China Youth Daily client)