Zheng Ke to investigate the development of aquaculture industry in nanhai

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On March 16th, Zheng Ke, secretary of foshan Municipal Party Committee, visited Nanhai District to carry out research on the standardization of ponds and promote the green development of aquaculture industry.Foshan freshwater aquaculture industry has a long history, aquaculture has become the pillar industry of Foshan agriculture.Zheng Ke has come to foshan City Zhiyong aquaculture limited company fishing field, the south Sea area west firewood town beautiful fishing field investigation, and the south sea area, the west firewood town and aquaculture farm related person in charge of in-depth communication, detailed understanding of fisheries aquaculture scale, varieties, output, output value and pond transformation, tail water management.Zheng Ke said, good water can raise good fish and shrimp, to continue to optimize the aquaculture environment, the implementation of high-quality zero-emission aquaculture model, promote high-quality aquaculture development, and continue to meet the people’s demand for high-quality aquatic products.Zheng Ke stressed that pond upgrading is of great significance to promoting green development of aquaculture industry, improving the safety and quality of agricultural products and promoting rural revitalization.In accordance with the requirements of orderly ponds, suitable depth, supporting irrigation and drainage, advanced facilities and beautiful ecology, more efforts should be made to carry out standardized renovation of aquaculture ponds, focus on building beautiful fishing grounds, and comprehensively improve the modernization level of aquaculture infrastructure and equipment.It is necessary to deal with the relationship between aquaculture and water environment protection, strengthen the quality monitoring of aquaculture water and tail water, implement the local supervision responsibility of aquaculture tail water discharge and the main responsibility of producers, ensure the standard discharge of aquaculture tail water, promote ecological health aquaculture technology model, and speed up the green transformation of aquaculture industry.We should promote the high-quality development of the whole industrial chain of aquaculture, foster and strengthen new aquaculture business entities, encourage large-scale operation, promote the integration and coordinated development of aquaculture, processing, circulation, leisure services and other industries, and continuously improve the standardization, industrialization and brand level of aquaculture.It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of aquatic product quality and safety, establish and improve the safety supervision system from the whole process of aquacultural water body, aquacultural feed, production record, drug residue monitoring, etc., and ensure the quality of food safety in all links, so as to effectively maintain the safety on the tongue of aquatic product consumers.Foshan city leaders Zhou Zixiao, Huang Shaowen, Zhang Bing to participate in the investigation.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com