Dr. Hajiu: Mom, stop trying to reason with me. What I want is equal love

2022-07-18 0 By

Many parents find themselves in a dilemma: there is nothing to cry about over such a big issue.Therefore, when the children encounter setbacks, most parents will use words like: “How big a thing”, “no big deal”, “I was much stronger than you when I was young”…But the child may not be looking for such “big truths”, the child just wants comfort from mom and dad, or in other words, he wants to connect with you.But standing in the coordinate system of self, refuse to connect with the child, so that they fall into a state of loneliness, let the child more lack of security.”I hope our emotions are synchronized and I am a real person in front of you, so we can have a lot of topics to talk about, without any taboos, and I hope we can do this until we are old,” sun said in a 1,000-word essay posted on the social media platform.Can see, Sun Li is on childless idea, what emphasize is not to want the child to know how much truth, want to share affection with the child however.Nagging is the norm for parents.But adults, let alone children, get bored with endless lectures.So when children are wronged, or encounter some small difficulties in growing up, a loving hug, an encouraging support is what they need most.What children really need is empathy, love from their parents, rather than lengthy reasoning.First, in empathy, parents can start from the point of view of their children, feel their happiness and sorrow, and let the children feel that you and he are on the side from the heart.Children at a very young age, especially easy to lack of security, parents might as well think, stand in the perspective of the child to think, if you encounter difficulties, will also want to get the most close people “preference”?Second, in the relationship with children, should express equal respect for children, such as to respect children’s personality, to respect children’s talk, learn to listen to children’s ideas.Third, instead of constantly output, maybe all you should do is accompany and listen.For example, you can choose a children’s intelligent learning table for children, ha Nine intelligent learning table, on the one hand, let children learn more autonomous, on the other hand, let children really feel the attention from their parents.Dr. Hajiu wishes every child a healthy and happy growth.