During the Spring Festival, many children become rich overnight, so children’s financial education might as well start with lucky money

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Every Spring Festival, many children will take the opportunity to “get rich” overnight.Children’s lucky money is a few hundred yuan, thousands of yuan, more than ten thousand yuan.How to arrange children’s “lucky money”?Is a headache for many parents.Friends are also struggling with their children’s New Year’s money, the Spring Festival is not over, the child’s New Year’s money has been tens of thousands of pieces.If the money to the child, and afraid of his disorderly spending.But the New Year’s money is children, they do not have the right to directly accept for their own use, think of their childhood every year New Year’s money to parents confiscated, usually want to buy stationery or want to send gifts to classmates asked their parents to money, but also scolded.So he was particularly not confident at that time, especially of inferiority.Lack of financial experience since childhood.When I grew up, I could only save money in the bank, but I was not good at managing money. When I saw my classmates who graduated from the same university around me, they were very good at managing money. They often made money from money, which I admired very much.Their IQ is not worse than them, but life is not as good as their mix, have to admit that their loss is financial intelligence.Developing your child’s financial Intelligence is more important than IQ Based on the experience of friends, developing your child’s financial intelligence really is more important than IQ.Paul Shapiro, president of the Education Foundation for the United States, is an internationally renowned financial entrepreneur and educator who has trained more than 1,000 ceos around the world.In the children’s IQ(INTELLIGENCE quotient), FQ(financial quotient), EQ(emotional quotient) education and training.FQ(financial intelligence) education is the most important. If you want your children to become successful, you must start financial education from a young age.As a father, Mr. Shapiro was also good at raising his five children, who graduated from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford and Princeton.There is no doubt that Shapiro has many unique ideas and methods in family education.Mr. Shapiro also said;After one enters the society, the comprehensive quality is the most important.Although comprehensive quality includes a lot of content, but the first performance for confidence, so to improve the comprehensive quality of children, the key is to help him establish confidence.”Making money is one of the most powerful sources of achievement and confidence among successful people, so we must teach our children money management and financial intelligence from an early age.Many children will get hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan of New Year’s money during the Spring Festival.But how to deal with the money, how to plan for their children’s life, the accumulation of adult capital, has become a hot topic for many parents to discuss.”It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish.” We should not only accumulate wealth for our children, but also cultivate their ability to create and manage wealth.For children every year to get the New Year’s money, many parents will be forced to save a part of it, only to leave a part of the children as usual pocket money.But this does not play any role in cultivating children’s independent ability, can only let the child step by step to implement the “command” of parents, in the long run, will make the child develop rebellious psychology and psychological dependence.So how do we use New Year’s money to teach our children financial management: because I grew up in the countryside, my parents are all honest people in the countryside, they do not have the awareness to teach us financial management.Not afraid of everyone’s jokes, my annual lucky money is like my good friends all to be handed over, when a mother, I do not want my daughter to follow my footsteps.I also do a lot of homework on financial intelligence.I also read a lot of books on financial intelligence training for children.When the child was 3 years old, the child was vaguely aware of the money function of New Year’s Money, so I accompanied her to read this set of Children’s Financial Quotient Picture books. Later, the child read independently when he was literate.I found that this set of books enlighten her the biggest enlightenment, now the child is 10 years old, never spend money, he also saved a lot of New Year’s money, every year from the saved New Year’s money also invested 10,000 yuan to her father’s company, the end of the dividend.Her grandparents praised her as a little money manager.What is special about this “Children’s Financial Business Picture book”?1, in the form of stories to show children’s financial quotient this set of books to get rid of the traditional “teaching” “case analysis” and other educational methods, will be a seemingly profound concept of money, in a simple and natural way implanted into our thinking, with just the right way, to help us solve the problem of “money” in life.For example: where does the Money Come from?Now, as long as the mobile phone in hand, what to buy, the phone can be scanned, so many children do not have a very intuitive understanding of money, do not understand where money comes from.The book tells children in the form of stories that money does not fall from the sky, nor do mobile phones and cards have magic, but parents work hard to earn it.If we plant money under trees in spring, we’ll have lots and lots of money in autumn?Of course it’s not scientific.The book tells children that if they put their money in the bank, they will not only get more money, but also achieve more wishes.Another example is “Money is Good and Bad” to let children understand that money can not buy family health, but can buy a rich life;You can’t buy friends, but you can be there for them when they need help.It not only teaches children what money is, where money comes from, money is not everything, we should not be “negative”, money is good and bad, the author passed the concept of financial management to children, but also give children independent personality!This is truly priceless.The author of this series of books is Chen Jie, a well-known financial planner. She graduated from the Business Management discipline of The Times University of Singapore and has been working in the financial market for more than 10 years.I am a financial planner who likes reading children psychology, pedagogy, literature and other books in my spare time.She is good at explaining financial knowledge to children with her professional financial vision and friendly language.It not only teaches children what money is and where money comes from, but also transfers the concept of financial management to children and gives them independent personality.This series of 8 books contains 24 interesting, loving and practical financial intelligence stories for children. It not only teaches children what money is and where it comes from, but also conveys financial ideas to children, such as how to spend money properly and how to make money grow in value.This set of books is not expensive, a KFC money can cultivate children’s financial quotient, quite cost-effective, interested friends can click the link below to see.