The hottest domestic system of the year?With 500 million monthly users worldwide, what’s the appeal of ColorOS

2022-07-18 0 By

According to the latest news on February 17, The monthly active users of ColorOS system of OPPO, a Chinese mobile phone, have reached the 500 million mark, which means that one in eight of the 4 billion smartphone users in the world are ColorOS users. It can be said that ColorOS is one of the mobile phone systems with the most active users in the market last month.The author himself is a user of OPPO. To be honest, ColorOS does not have many fancy functions, but every function is very efficient and practical.And the overall operation is very stable and smooth, which is the common view of many OPPO users.In 2021, In master Lu’s ranking of mobile phone UI fluency, ColorOS won the top spot with 204.13 points, becoming the most fluent mobile UI.So how does ColorOS work so well?Take ColorOS 12, the current popular version on the market, for example. In fact, OPPO has made a lot of efforts in terms of system fluency.In ColorOS 12, the “AI Self-flow engine 2.0” based on storage compression and resource scheduling is introduced to improve the efficiency of system memory allocation by strengthening memory application management to achieve smooth overload scenarios.AI resource scheduling technology can reduce the lag problem of Android customized system, reduce system load, and thus improve system fluency.With the addition of the AI self-flow engine 2.0, ColorOS 12 meets the level 5 anti-aging standard and has passed the Tyre LABS 36-month system anti-aging test.In terms of functionality, the new ColorOS 12 has a lot of utility features.New upgrade smart sidebar 2.0, for example, in the ability to quickly open the application on the basis of the original, is a new intelligent recognition background music, subtitles, small window shorthand and a series of useful features, such as we are in a short video to hear some good music want to download, can immediately open the intelligent recognition background music to query the sidebar open, very convenient.ColorOS 12 also has free floating Windows, which can quickly change the current window into a small window mode over other applications with a simple gesture drag and drop, making it much easier to multitask at the top.In addition, in terms of cross-screen connection, which consumers attach great importance to nowadays, ColorOS 12 also brings the “cross-screen connection function”, which allows cross-screen editing of files and cross-screen intercommunication of data, such as clipboard intercommunication, notification sharing, input method sharing, photo intercommunication, etc., not only bridging the boundary between smartphone and PC,To achieve effective and fast real-time transmission, but also on the computer brand is not limited, as long as win10 above the system are supported, can be said to be quite practical.In general, ColorOS is responsible for half of OPPO’s success in gaining a large number of fans. ColorOS not only has high fluency guarantee, but also equipped with functions that are not only convenient for our daily life, but also very efficient for office use. It can be said that it provides us with a convenient system experience in all aspects.Therefore, it is not surprising that ColorOS has gained so many users around the world. After all, anyone would like to use a good system.