Fool’s Fate

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If I, in my melancholy, became obsessed with being a child, and followed him in pulling wicker like a pig at his shabby clothes, he would turn his head to frighten me with a constant groan.I was a fool to go to him and not be afraid of him.A group of playing and laughing sound incessant in the ears, the sunset more than reflect red a lovely little face you.He couldn’t laugh or cry and would always hum.His father would take him with one hand and shake him behind his back with the other and say, Go…Go to…Forget it. Go play on the other side.If you don’t listen, stop and yell, and then I’ll tell your mother to fix you.He also stomped loudly and looked fierce.That road always brings me a lot of fun with the fool he is.I covered his face with mud, his hair with mud, and he was teased like a puppet, stamping his bare feet on the rough dirt road.I grew up.He had the strength to pull a neighbor’s cart without giving a meal, and when his father refused, he was left alone.All the while his father beckoned the silly boy to pull the corn like a donkey, and, pulling with one hand, went to the field with the bell…Time is a matter of time.Fool is thirty-four years old.Some said to send him to a welfare home, but his father said, a fool is the treasure of our family, I take care of him all his life, to what time will not leave him.After a long time, I heard that the fool had been lost. Some people said that he might have been tricked into a coolie by an unconscionable swindler.Someone said, ran lost road to which mountains starved to death of thirst;Others say that evil men seized eyes, hearts and livers, and sold them to the hospital of the black heart;All kinds of things.I heard that my father urgently mobilized the eldest son, two sons and two daughters in the city to look around, as if he could not find an oath not to give up the situation, even if there was no notice of the missing person.Maybe that’s the end of the fool, or maybe that’s the end of his life.No effort, little effect, no word from a bird, never to find back.I don’t know where silly go, this world also didn’t have the appearance of zha whoop.