Go, go to Guiling!

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Starting from the upper reaches of tongshan Creek in Fuding City, a red slow road winds northward, passing through Toucheng, Hekeng, Paitou, Xidi and other villages in Guanling Town, forming a water-friendly landscape belt and becoming a perfect choice for public cycling, walking and outing.Xiao Hai, a cyclist, has a saying: Only when you drive too fast and walk too slow can you see the most beautiful scenery of life by bike.Part of this slow track is gentle, easy to ride and has good scenery. It is perfect for beginners like me. It is well worth coming!Guanling town is located in fujian and Zhejiang border, adjacent to Wenzhou, is the “north gate” of Fujian.In recent years, the town to develop the rural tourism industry, has accomplished the stream pro level, educated youth post, he pits ecological parking lot, fish CangDing port, slow channel projects such as construction, in the “through Cheng – any pit – the market -” the stream a driveway renovating project promotion, constantly digging through, pit, such as the stream in the village of rural landscape zone of potential, enhance the quality of hydrophilic city weekend swim.”We divide the whole village into two parts for development. One is to connect baijingqiu, Jiaotanyang, Hexi and other natural villages into a line, and connect them with Kukou Village of Diishi Township to create a tourism line.The second is to focus on the development of the ahinotaro industry in changqiutou, Xidi and other natural villages.Wang Zongkai, secretary of the Party branch of Chengcheng Village, said that at present, the village has completed the infrastructure construction of parking lot, cultural corridor, landscape road around the stream, and village landscape lights along the line.There is an outdoor barbecue camp at jiaoyang Post station in Chengcheng Village, which provides barbecue picnic and other activities. It is convenient and interesting to attract tourists.”Choose to operate here, mainly because of the environment here, near the mountains and rivers, very suitable for everyone to come here to enjoy the idyllic slow life.”Huang Weihuang, head of the outdoor barbecue camp, said.Outdoor barbecue camp to visit the water – friendly countryside, taste the pastoral style.Walk into He Keng Village, Guanling Town, board the viewing platform, river landscape, high-standard farmland, taro field sightseeing park and other scenery.According to the introduction, focusing on cultural tourism, the village has completed rural road hardening, aham-taro exhibition hall and affiliated projects, 5 kilometers of urban greenway, double banquet line (shuibei to the mouth of the library) tourism line construction, and the use of agricultural planting area standardization, to create rural complex, do beautiful rural tourism.Hekeng Village “In order to build a beautiful ecological home, we actively encourage the villagers to make a reasonable layout of the courtyard, and carry out greening, beautification, lighting and purification inside and outside the courtyard, in front of the house and behind the house, taking into account the needs of production and life as well as leisure and entertainment, in harmony with the village public environment.He Keng village staff said.The beautiful courtyard of Wang Cuo in He Keng Village promotes the development of tourism in all areas.Guanling town takes advantage of the suburban location, introduces modern agricultural park, and vigorously develops songyang village rural rural tourism picking tour;Give full play to xishan Village net red card point – Xingyun Mountain house crowd gathering effect, drive the surrounding masses of farm products sales;Based on the advantages of songyang and Wenyang thousand mu organic tea gardens, the implementation of songyang section and Xishan section of Bangtie line road widening and reconstruction, and gradually create boutique tea tour routes;Excavate the advantage of red resources of Hongmingyang Memorial Hall and historical and cultural resources of fenshuiguan ancient city wall, and create a high-quality tourist route of gardenia + red culture.”In the New Year, we will speed up the construction of ‘Shuibei – Cheng-Hekeng – Koukou’ tourism road, further extend hekeng Suxi urban slow road and urban slow road series into a line, continue to create a beautiful rural water tour route.”Guan Ling town deputy party secretary Shao Kebin said.It is reported that the town will also actively introduce the Xishan Village white tea culture tourism resort project, focus on songyang, Xishan piece to become a set of theme entertainment, cultural leisure, quality of suitable living in one of the new high-quality all-area tourism village;To promote the road reconstruction project of The Mingyang section of Guan Ming Route, and build a gardenia landscape belt of 10,000 mu;Start the construction of the beautiful red countryside in Paitou and speed up the restoration of the Revolutionary site in Paitou jinshan……A new way of “Gardenia Town + regional tourism” has been developed.END “Happy Fuding” editorial Office article: Wang Tingting Picture: Wang Tingting, Guanling Town, Happy Fuding gallery