Linyi, Datong together to find relatives for martyrs

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In 1941, in the Battle of Sujiagu, more than 200 soldiers of the Eighth Route Army sacrificed their lives to cover the transfer of more than 400 cadets from the Party school of shandong Branch of the Communist Party of China. Many of these martyrs were from Shanxi Province, and some of them were from Datong.Due to the tragic conditions of the war at that time, the post-war troops everywhere, incomplete information and other reasons, the bones of these heroes could not return to their hometown, hometown relatives could not pay tribute.On the eve of Qingming Festival, Shandong Linyi Yimeng Spirit Communication and training Center, Beijing Liaison Office of Yimeng Spirit Inheritance promotion Association and Datong Evening News jointly carry out the activities of “The Republic will never forget — Seeking relatives for the Martyrs fighting and sacrificing for Sujiagu”, continuously inheriting the red gene and inheriting the spirit of heroes.According to su Gushan anti-japanese martyrs cemetery tombstone records, December 8, 1941, the eighth Route Army shandong column brigade three regiment in the guard shandong branch of the Party school students in Pingyi County Zhengcheng training, suddenly by the Ana more than 6000 people under siege, 250 soldiers were ordered to seize the su Gushan commanding heights, attract, contain the enemy, cover the safe transfer of students.In the battle, except for a few soldiers succeeded in breaking through, most of the soldiers died a heroic death.Among them, more than 30 soldiers who stick to the top of the multifunction, some die from cliff, and some die with the enemy.In this battle, more than 500 enemy Brigade commanders under the Puppet army were killed, protecting revolutionary effective forces.Liu Jinye, director of linyi Yimeng Spirit Communication and Training Center, said: “The soldiers were only about 20 years old when they died. They came to Shandong in 1939 to take part in the Anti-Japanese War with the 115th Division.These martyrs sacrifice, by comrades or local people buried in place, after being moved to the Shandong Province linyi City pingyi County 31 kilometers south of the zhengcheng Town of sujiagu Anti-japanese martyrs Cemetery (formerly known as zhengcheng Martyrs Cemetery).According to the later investigation, the actual number of people who died in this battle is more than the number recorded by tombstones (some soldiers died without leaving their names).Most of these soldiers are from Shanxi, and many of them should come from Datong.Guo Wushi, a staff officer of shandong Column headquarters of the Eighth Route Army saved by zu Xiulian, a famous’ red sister-in-law ‘in Yimeng mountain area, is from Xiaodagou Village, Qianfo Ling Town, Hunyuan County.The deeds of heroes are moving and are widely spread in yimeng revolutionary old area.”In order to find relatives for martyrs, Datong Evening News published a list of 234 martyrs who died in the Sujiagu battle (the list was taken from the tombstones of the Martyrs’ Cemetery by linyi Yimeng Spiritual Communication and Training Center) (see table below).After seeing the report, martyrs’ relatives and insiders can call datong Evening News hotline 17735214573 contact.At the same time, we hope that more public welfare organizations and voluntary groups will participate in the activities of finding relatives for martyrs, so that martyrs can return home as soon as possible.The battle took place on December 8, 1941. Most of the soldiers in Linyi, Shandong province came to Shandong in 1939 with the 115th division