New Year go grass-roots | New Year to send song and dance happy New Year

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In order to enrich the cultural life of the masses during the Spring Festival, recently, sponsored by the Propaganda department of qamdo Municipal Party Committee and undertaken by the Cultural Bureau of Qamdo city (Cultural Heritage Bureau), the mass performance of the 2022 Spring Festival was held in The Tea horse Square.The live performance of qamdo 2022 Spring Festival Mass Artistic Performance started with the opening dance “Welcome the Spring Breeze”, followed by the song “My Heart is in Karo”, dance “Happy Zhuoqin”, allegro “National Unity I Go First”, sketch “Integritybased” and other wonderful performances, the lively performance of the actors,It fully expresses everyone’s best wishes for the New Year and their infinite love for life.Chen Fan, an actor from Kangba Culture and Art Troupe, said excitedly, “Today I performed two programs” Welcome spring Breeze “and” Hot String Dance “, the two dances are full of enthusiasm.Not only to express our expectations for the New Year, but also to bring New Year’s greetings to the audience!”During the whole performance, a touch of Chinese red was touching on the stage.The poetry recitation of “One Love, Written to Qamdo; One Love, Read to Qamdo” performed by 17 volunteers of qamdo West Project was loud and emotional, which aroused the resonance of many foreigners present!Wang Shuangyan, a volunteer of Qamdo West Project, said, “I come from Xinxiang, Henan Province. Although I will not go home for the Spring Festival this year, through the performance of poetry recitation, I truly expressed our firm belief that we traveled thousands of miles to Qamdo and serve Qamdo. The warm applause from the audience also made me feel the strong enthusiasm of the New Year of the Tiger!”The picture shows the wonderful performance of qamdo West Project volunteers reciting poems. The audience are all smiling and waving the national flag to express their enthusiasm and joy.There are citizens from time to time to take pictures of mobile phones, recording the beautiful moment.Wang Jing, a resident of Karuo District, told us, “Especially the singer Ciren Quzhen’s song ‘Blessed Qamdo’ is very beautiful, I feel full of happiness from her song, I also wish Qamdo better every year!”The picture shows the scene audience carrying the family together to watch the performance Here, in front of the audience watching the performance from concentration The entire program in YunDengJiang measures and sleep Ann lahm of divas singing “xi general secretary zha-xi-de-le” song, and then all the staffs of a live audience sang and danced together hand in hand, the whole event became a sea of song and dance exult together!City group museum director Pu Buzhaxi said, “the biggest highlight of the program is that for the first time to present to the masses on behalf of the Tibet Autonomous Region to participate in the sixth national minority art performance opening ceremony program” Hot string dance “, the audience responded enthusiastically.The whole performance enriches the festive cultural life of the masses and creates a warm, joyous and uplifting Atmosphere for the New Year.”(Correspondent for China Xizang Net/Liang Xia)