Up 10.3% year on year!Last year, the per capita disposable income growth rate of urban residents in our district ranked first among the four urban districts

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Recently, the development zone urban residents per capita disposable income in 2021, according to data from the data in the past 2021 years of our urban residents per capita disposable income of 60746 yuan four urban growth rate of 10.3% growth in the first residents disposable income is can be used for final consumption expenditure and the sum of savings, the residents can be used for discretionary income.It includes both cash income and in-kind income.According to the source of income, disposable income includes wage income, operational net income, property net income and transfer net income.Wage income is still the main source of resident income from income composition.In 2021, the per capita wage income, net operating income, net property income and net transfer income of permanent urban residents will account for 58.07 percent, 18.55 percent, 13.28 percent and 10.1 percent of the total income, respectively.From the growth rate of 2021, luyang residents of the income to achieve comprehensive growth.Per capita wage income, per capita net operating income, per capita net property income and per capita net transfer income increased by 10.71%, 14.89%, 7.36% and 3.75%, respectively.From the policy point of view to the people’s money “drum” fast, various industries, employment support policies.In the past year, the district has successively issued various industrial development support policies, covering a series of industries and fields such as commerce and trade, construction, culture, digital economy and so on, promoting enterprises to create more than 1700 jobs, which has played a positive role in promoting the wage income of urban employment residents in the district.Employment is the most important aspect of people’s livelihood.In order to further improve the employment rate of residents and effectively increase their income, the district has implemented targeted employment support programs by holding job fairs for different groups, strengthening the development of public welfare jobs, and strengthening employment skills training.In 2021, a total of four targeted employment support job fairs will be held, attracting more than 200 enterprises to recruit and more than 1,500 unemployed people to consult.We created 2,600 public welfare jobs, an increase of more than 1,300.Three special employment skills training sessions were held for unemployed residents, 178 of whom were trained and 72 of whom found employment.In addition, in order to better enable residents to choose jobs and find employment, the district has also taken the lead in building a smart employment platform and launching a mobile terminal employment “cloud service” system in the city, which covers all towns and streets in the mode of “three kilometers of employment around the community”, promoting more job seekers to find employment “at home”.• End • Source: Publicity Department of Luyang District Committee Contributed by Chen Xinduan, Xiaoyue, Cao Qin
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