Chartered buses, special nucleic acid, tour recruitment…Jiangsu “hardcore” sent workers back to work

2022-07-20 0 By

In the year of the Tiger, all parts of Jiangsu province have taken measures to attract talents to minimize the impact of the epidemic on workers returning to work and ensure the resumption of production and work of enterprises.On February 9, a nucleic acid test was held in Sujin Street, Gusu District, Suzhou. Many migrant workers returning from their hometowns came here to have their nucleic acid tested before returning to work.Xue Shilin, the on-site director of the Health observation center in Suzhou’s Gusu district, said that an estimated 800 people a day would report to their community streets and come here for nucleic acid testing, which is free.In order to reduce the travel risk of migrant workers, many enterprises also use chartered buses to pick up employees back to work.They will also receive a “heart-warming gift package” after completing information registration, checking sukang codes and nucleic acid tests.As of February 9, 513 large enterprises in Suzhou had planned to arrange 517 batches of trains and buses and organize 72,600 employees to return to work in an orderly manner.In order to solve the shortage of post-holiday labor, many enterprises also through the “old with new” recruitment.The head of the food company in Wuzhong district of Suzhou gives red envelopes to employees returning to work.Zhang Fang, director of a food company in Suzhou, said that returning to work before the fifth day will reward 800 yuan a day. In order to drive more employees to join the company, any new employee recommended by the old employee will be rewarded 1200 yuan a person.Starting from February 8, Suqian launched the urban key enterprises and towns tour job fair, serving the development of 20 key industrial chains.As of February 9, 500 sub-enterprises with 42,000 positions have been organized to participate in recruitment in 79 towns and townships, with a total of 20,340 people applying for jobs and 4,578 people reaching employment intentions.During the Spring Festival, there is a large flow of people in rural markets. Lianshui County of Huai ‘an carries out special activities of “market recruitment”, organizing enterprises to take to the streets and conduct face-to-face recruitment.Changzhou Liyang city set up a “never-ending” job fair online through new media platforms such as wechat public account and Douyin Live broadcast room.Source: MY Su net editor: Xing Xiaoyi review: Xu Xiaodong