Chongzhou, Chengdu: The wood art “Rongbao” cheers for chengdu Universiade

2022-07-20 0 By

Red Star news (reporter Liu Jie) Reported on April 4 that “Rong Bao” is the mascot of the 31st World University Summer Games. With the arrival of chengdu Universiade, “Rong Bao”, a symbol of enthusiasm and unrestrained, youthful vitality, has become everyone’s favorite mascot.”Rongbao” is delivering the unforgettable “Chengdu temperature” to the world.Chen Bolin, a non-hereditary inheritor of wood art from Liao Jia Town, Chongzhou, Chengdu, also made “Rong Bao” wood art with his exquisite wood carving skills to express his enthusiasm for the Chengdu Universiade.With wood carvings to achieve his dream, he hopes friends from all over the world to chengdu to achieve their dreams.”Rong Bao” wood art is made by Mr. Chen Bolin.It took six and a half hours, starting from drawing lines on wood with a pencil, and sculpting the whole process by hand, gradually transforming the invisible into tangible.Three different kinds of wood are used in this wood carving: the light-colored one is nanmu of gold, which is used to make the base and the face and body of Rongbao;The black parts of the ears, eyes, hands and feet are made of cinia ebony;Rong Bao’s torch is made of mahogany.Liao home wood carving is chengdu municipal intangible cultural heritage representative projects, originated in the qing dynasty, with delicate its graphic design, have extremely strong ornamental and extremely high artistic value, at the same time into the Chinese classical literature, drama, the essence part of myths and legends, not only reflects the loyal, filial piety, courtesy, righteousness, faith, such as Chinese traditional ethical culture,Moreover, it has unique aesthetic value and literary value.In order to facilitate the inheritance of woodcraft culture, the local government has also established the “Red Scarf Intangible Cultural Heritage Academy”, which aims to strengthen the dissemination of intangible cultural heritage and the training of craftsmen successors, so that children can achieve their dreams and grow up healthily under the influence of intangible cultural heritage.In addition, Liao Jia Town also focuses on the inheritance and development of “intangible heritage wood carving” to help promote rural revitalization, and develop diversified consumption formats such as wood-themed products, specialty restaurants and themed home stays to help increase villagers’ income.(According to Publicity Department of Chongzhou Municipal Party Committee)