The Hebei Health code has opened a self-report function for people at risk of COVID-19

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How to guide the masses to report their sojourn history?Who comes to Return to Ji need to report?How and to whom should I report, and what should I do after reporting?According to the Hebei Provincial Office for Epidemic Prevention, the hebei Provincial Office for Epidemic Prevention has opened a self-report function in the Hebei Health Code. In the past 14 days, people involved in epidemic risk can report their travel and living conditions in the areas involved in epidemic risk from the Hebei Health Code module “self-report related to epidemic risk” to reduce the risk of epidemic spread.It is learnt that the following six categories of people who are at risk of COVID-19 are required to voluntarily report their travel and residence status in areas at risk of COVID-19:(2) There is an intersection with the trajectory of an infected person.(3) from high school risk areas.(4) a history of travel and residence in the affected county (city, district or banner).(5) travel history of low-risk counties (cities, districts or banners) in the epidemic city.(6) Other persons at risk identified according to the epidemic prevention and control needs of Hebei Province.It is understood that the Hebei Provincial office for Epidemic prevention and control will adjust the scope of people who are required to report voluntarily in accordance with the needs of epidemic prevention and control.So how do these groups actively report?According to the report, open the Hebei Health code, click the button of “Self-report of epidemic risk” to enter the page, and fill in the relevant information as prompted.The self-reported information of the masses is pushed to the towns and villages (streets), and the towns and villages (streets) are allocated to the village (community) where the residence belongs. The village doctor (community medical staff) receives the self-reported information of the masses, and immediately takes the initiative to contact the self-reported masses according to the criteria of the investigation work, so as to make risk judgment and disposal.Editor/Zhenjie Dong