The appraisal meeting of Shenzhen Longhua Super Business District Urban Design International Competition was held

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How to design the city-level core business area with more than 2 million square meters?How to build a world-class future consumer experience center?On March 28, the Evaluation meeting of the International Urban Design Competition for Renmin Road Commercial District of Longhua Super Business District was held in Huanzhi Center of Longhua Yicheng Center. Affected by COVID-19, the shortlisted design teams gathered online with academicians and experts “cloud” to draw a blueprint for the future of The Super Business District.The 6 shortlisted companies reported the design results in turn, and after professional evaluation, the winning company (consortium) was recommended by the final vote.The competition lasted for half a year and entered a new stage. The future planning of the super business district became clearer and the beautiful blueprint of the city was laid out.Longhua District government district chief Lei Weihua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress Li Youhua, deputy district chief Pengtao Shang attended the review meeting.The competition is sponsored by longhua District Urban Renewal and Land Reconditioning Bureau.The international competition brings together the strongest “brain” in the field of urban planning and design at home and abroad, the selection of the optimal solution through reviews, push forward the longhua super business circle high precise starting point planning, high standard delicate beautiful construction, high level management, promote the development of urban connotation lift, built more first degrees, clearer defect display, reputation urban core area!”Today’s plan review, mainly aims at the design scheme of the design organization submitted is in line with the location of longhua super business circle city core business circle, whether to put forward the internationalization, high quality, have window of city comprehensive promotion strategy, and whether the proposed both creative and forward-looking and practical urban and architectural design guideline for review and approval.”Longhua District Urban renewal and land reconditioning bureau related person introduction.The review panel has a strong expert lineup, and 7 industry masters in domestic planning, architecture, industry, transportation and other fields are invited to form the review panel.Including the Chinese Academy of Engineering jian-min meng, China academy of urban planning and design, dean Zhu Rongyuan shenzhen branch, shenzhen statutory professional committee yen-ping Chen, executive director of primitive design center of shenzhen university xiaodong wang, shenzhen city planning commission, architecture and environment art committee yu-xing zhang, China’s urban economic Song Ding, deputy director of the expert committee shenzhen bud the planningDeng Jun, president of municipal Transportation Institute of Design Consulting Co., LTD.Experts listened to the detailed ober, aecom, depth gauge courtyard, MLA + (mu), under (Zaha), deep city intersection of the six design scheme of a joint report, area function and spatial structure of the plan, practical and so on has carried on the deep analysis and careful thinking, think that each unit provides the design scheme of clarity, the creative,In the space context, fast and slow traffic network, green community and other aspects of the wonderful, commendable.After careful review and thorough discussion, the experts voted to recommend the winning units.In the next step, the organizer will determine the winner based on the evaluation opinions of each design scheme, after consulting the suggestions of relevant departments and the approval of relevant district meetings.In order to ensure the continuation of the creative highlights and advanced concepts of the competition, the first winner will be entrusted to deepen the integration of the urban design scheme, focusing on the landing and operability of the integration scheme, so as to put the beautiful blueprint of the super business circle into practice and promote the leap-forward development of Longhua Super Business Circle.Build “digital Longhua, urban core” with more international quality and future experience.‍ ‍ source | crystal newspaper reporter: APP Wu Ying statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: