CAI Bin just took office facing 9 to choose 4!Four potential small will be put into storage, ignoring a nova in Jiangsu

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team will hold its first closed training session of the year on Feb 16 in preparation for the Asian Games and world Championships.With coach CAI Bin just taking office and the poor result in Tokyo Olympic Games, The Chinese women’s volleyball team is facing no small difficulty.In the list of 71 talent pool, the main attack position up to 21, is also the key position for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to take points.Combined with the Tokyo cycle and the performance of the league this season, CAI Bin is facing 4 out of 9 choices in the main attack position.At present, the three most stable main attackers of Chinese women’s volleyball team are Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning and Li Yingying.After two Olympic cycle of the campaign, Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning’s body appeared different degrees of injury, can smoothly participate in 16 days of training to play a big question mark.Zhang Changning’s operation is over and he is now recovering. It is not a problem to attend the training camp.However, Zhu Ting has not been abroad for treatment of the news of the wrist, some time ago also participated in the Olympic Torch relay, very worried about her wrist injury.If Zhu Ting is not cured of her wrist injury before the Asian Games, it will be a big loss for The Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Asian Games gold medal.Now only Li Yingying has no physical problems. After all, she is a post-00s player and has not yet reached the age of injury.But the Paris cycle is li Yingying’s second Olympic cycle, if not always pay attention to the physical condition, the probability of injury rose sharply.Especially Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning are injured, Li Yingying’s burden is not light.Liu Yanhan and Li Yao belong to the main attack position more awkward players, although the main attack and receiving double substitute, but due to their own strength, they have a difficult time in the national team.Liu Yanhan went to the Tokyo Olympics with the team, but played very few times, the Paris cycle can compete in the third tournament is a big question mark.Li yao, a late bloomer, was selected to the national team for the first time last year, but she and Liu lack competitiveness due to their lack of competition experience.The real rise of the Paris cycle is the four potential young talent Wu Mengjie, Wang Yifan, Zhuang Yushan, Che Wenhan.All four of them have been selected for the talent pool list and also experienced the training of the super League.Wu Mengjie has become the main force of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team. With her mentor CAI Bin as the head coach of the national team, Wu Mengjie will get much training in Paris.Wang Yifan is a rare potential player of Guangdong Women’s volleyball team, and her performance in the All-Star match was amazing.As long as the increase of competition experience, the future can be expected.Zhuang yushan and the above two young players are similar, just debut became the main player of the provincial team, reduce the attack pressure of zheng Yixin, captain of fujian Women’s volleyball team.Zhuang yushan is also a member of the National Youth women’s volleyball team.Che Wenhan is not so lucky. Although she is trained by Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team as a core attacker, she is not decisive at the critical moment. Her real potential remains to be determined.But the talent pool ignored a new star, that is Jiangsu women’s volleyball junior Zhou Yitong, the main attack and can play.The above 9 main attackers are the focus of the national team investigation object, is also the key choice of CAI Bin 4 out of 9.