On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the traditional custom is to eat a bowl of “soul noodles”.

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Legend pangu created the world, Nu Wa created all living things, from the first day to the sixth day, Nu Wa created “six livestock”, to the seventh day to let the birth of human, so the people identified the seventh day of the first month as “human day”, that is, the birthday of mankind.The “Day of Man”, on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, is a small festival in the Spring Festival holiday. Historians believe that the day of Man was a festival for ancient Kings to reflect their “people-oriented” and pray for people’s happiness and good weather.The seventh han Dynasty “account book” is recorded: the seventh day, the people, the emperor and ministers and meeting.At least in the Han Dynasty, up to the court down to the people have had the custom of “Renren Festival”.And in the day of the day, the yamen and prisons all over the country must stop the interrogation of prisoners, but not allowed to impose penalties on prisoners, can be said to be the most humane ancient festival.So for ordinary people, people’s Day festival is an important festival for blessing Najib, there is a saying that “the seventh day should be sunny not rain”.People believe that if the weather is clear on the seventh day of the first lunar month, the year will have good weather, while if it is rainy, it is not a good omen.In the Tang Dynasty, not only ordinary people would pray for good luck on the seventh day, but also the emperor would lead his ministers to climb mountains and compose poems to pray for good weather, peace and prosperity.Chinese New Year and Spring Festival are the longest holidays of the year for Chinese people. From the beginning of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, people who have traveled abroad return to their hometowns for reunion. When do they start to go out to work?As the saying goes: but the seventh day not far away.Big NianChuQi in ancient times, wandering out must be the human date section before go out, that is, until after the 7th day of migrant workers or in the field of life, can travel away from home, you like a lot of work in the north to guangzhou, now, if there is no special circumstances, usually on the eighth day will return to work.Therefore, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, there is another very important custom, which is to eat a bowl of “la Soul noodles”.Eating noodles in the first month is a custom in many places.On the seventh day of the lunar New Year, why is this bowl of noodles called “pull soul noodles”?Do you know the reason and the moral?On the seventh day of the lunar New Year, eating “la Soul noodles” is a custom left by our ancestors, which is very meaningful.Accepting heart soul face, also called “noodles”, because during the Chinese New Year, people from the busy work completely relaxed, not only delicious good drink, and we would like to sleep late, sleep late and then after a few days are east west friends party, had a little joy can’t stop feeling, according to the old man, this is called the heart to play “wild”.Big NianChuQi happy lunar New Year holiday although comfortable, but after a month later, you will begin to return to home, back to the normal working life, therefore, elders will specially on this day to cook on a bowl of “pull” the soul “surface, let younger generation after ate to adjust their own state of mind, in this way can the smooth to devote to work.Of course, in addition to the soul of the customs, the seventh day of the first month to eat seven treasure soup, send vulcan and other traditions, the north and south all have different customs pay attention to celebrate this important day.Are you ready to get back to your normal work life soon after the Day of Man and the noodles of la Soul?