Pay my respects to my parents

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Plan to work tomorrow weekend.So today in advance to please Ann, buy some food and drink, niang saw me and said: zha so many days did not come?I figure out, is not fully didn’t come for a week, torre saw I will go to take a piece of paper to let me see, it is pay check schedule of flowing water, said don’t play table don’t know salary is a few months, I don’t know heating to not to account, now played table and can’t see the Numbers above black line manager Joe torre’s mind was typical, as well as our unit of retired worker,Have you been asking about this?Has that been sent yet?I was afraid that if I didn’t pay attention, I would be left behind.I comfort him to give the unit will give, but it is just a matter of time.It wouldn’t make any sense to explain it a hundred times.I look at the table the along while didn’t see what hair not hair heating, torre still eagerly looked at me, I have to call dad unit of accounting, the cost was hit with a replacement card, and pay no Shared a card, torre let niang quickly to look for a replacement card, I said don’t worry, now the bank off work early, hope it is the weekend, etc. Got to get it back next Monday.Niang said don’t remember dad has another card, I [black line].When leaving niang let me take a bottle of spicy bean curd, I said the last time to take haven’t finished eating.Niang said your elder sister bought again, said to her the ans can not eat spicy, to buy once.My joy: dare feeling all buy for me!