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Spring Thoughts/Wei Enxiang (Guangxi) (1) The imprint of plum blossom still remains, and the scene of idle weeds is entrant.Proud dou winter Ling Yuhao, benevolence and spring together mellow.Pine mu Snow mountain green, birds in the wind to hear.Vientiane all into the new day, qianjiang old do amazing.Eyes and ears (two), the story of spring competition is strong, water to hide the fleeting shadow.Jade tiger wind valley yue, Taurus deep farmland busy.The dragon sings the sea east bright, yan Yan qingtian long day.Thousands of trees and flowers like brocade, thousands of humei smile as usual.(three), overlooking the distance from the window, see raw lust dead.Dream to find her on the road far, leading edge dependent degree of the world of mortals.East wind force often in spring, fog disperses cloud to eliminate the universe.Do not forget the beginning of heartfelt unchanged, friend diffuse guest meaning spirit.Listen to music to see dance/Zhu Kaidao cold ear music intoxication fang, heating turn over alone in bed.Hand video children dance, to the wind outside the snow floating room.Winter garden (ancient wind) text/fragrant orchid (Hebei) lirihongxia bright, children catch flying kite.Swan floating with the wave dance, quick hand puzzle made beautiful.Park scenery/Party Yongfeng grass green Yang with willow, green waves rippling clear flow.Jiangshan beautiful people contrast, painting poetic late autumn.The moonlight is like frost like wine, the earth is scattered all over the hills.Mei covered with snow feather zhitou drunk, smiling wind roll hydrangea.Three return duan Chunting (Hunan) mother Paner return (ancient style) seven days three checks, wishful return home.Forgiveness snowman standing, broken inch intestines.Return banquet (ancient style) three years guest foreign land, dry bamboo shoots crab frighten sweet.Liquor liquor sound music, shake the wind step eight gang.Brother feast (ancient style) Duan Chunting (Hunan) three guests, dried bamboo shoots and clear fish feast.Liquor is the most sound, holding tears wash face.Today is extremely cold, the north wind howling sleep is difficult.Long light dial bright cup of tea, into the circle of poetry solution I wide.The sound of the waves is still the same. Young youyouyouyougreedy like the wind, staring at the mirror silk like brown.Su Yan several times to look back, live up to the palm of one hundred thousand dreams.頩 old woman leng Yan frosty days, wine with more than sorrow spring sleep.Birds chirping crisp peng fly green, Courier road flowers willow smoke.The spring breeze is speechless, yan He tears to swallow.Hate the bonus can not stay, midnight moon lonely stars.A few storms always floating croucher, a year goose to lack of things.East jun night seal bi tree, acacia pen to learn to plant melons.The midnight strong music to sorrow, bonus in showers off.All over the city window candle point shadow, a trace of affection led ten thousand buildings.Cup cup into abdomen chang speechless, acquaintance feeling meaning myriad.The passers-by of the four seas, looked up at the moon tears add.Dongfeng filar silk play the world of mortals, singing is always dangerous.Emperors don’t fan neon dance, ju Yi what book long hate.Eight thousand guangming Poetry Circle road, ancient and modern for the use of the hall.Hold pen writing fu Qi efforts, a total of prosperous China.⑨ The name of the Almighty is which is lighter.Mang fu voice roar empty strength, heroes since ancient times heavy rampant.⑩ Drunk lying across the pond willow shame, the heart of no sorrow.I advise you to look forward, natural desire to ask no reason.Free body a text/sound still rain kiss Hunan concubine bamboo, wind diffuse chapter tai road.Dream park three thousand snow, soul full a bed.Ask lazy language every day, call to the ground of the book.There is no bully, pen tears beads.Lin Xuguang (Jiangsu) — the view of the ace army has a sense of the card blade Li Ye Wang Qi, the wind is high called the world Wolf fear.Department soldier chest bravery loyalty, the team body country Taihua.Zhan Chunfang Cold plum Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) Plum zhan yan, cold winter, wild proud flower fang.High altitude section of green bamboo qing, snowy deciduous branches mang.Wine dishes incense, looking forward to beauty, flowers and candles spring.Chant chant poetry lyrics, pen into chapter.(Ci Lin Zhengyun)