Spring Festival in 2022

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Returning to my parents’ home was a relaxing trip. The moment I knocked on the door and saw my silver-haired parents smiling at me, I felt a long-lost sense of relief.Because in my parents’ house, I was free to be the best I could be.Like getting back to my sentimental self.I flew back to Bingcheng from Shanghai. In Bingcheng, I stayed at my little sister’s house for one night. The next morning, I took high-speed train with my little sister to my parents’ home in Coal City.Wash face at night, MY face dripping, his hands dripping walked around, looking for towels, I found that I took a blue towel fell in the little sister’s home.It wasn’t until my mom found me a light blue towel that I washed and dried my face and hands.The younger sister said, the toilet so many towels, you directly wipe not line.I could have put up with it, but IT would have kept me awake all night and made me squirm at the thought of using a towel that wasn’t mine.In fact, I do not want to be so hypocritical, it is nature so.The ancients were right in saying that a country and a mountain are easy to change and a person’s temperament is hard to change.You may not like all of who you are, and even if you hate some parts of yourself, you can’t change them. So make peace with yourself, accept your imperfections, and you’ll be at peace with yourself.The second day after returning to my parents’ home at noon, my little sister and I would hike to my second sister’s home to cook lunch for her every day.On the third day when we made lunch for her, my aunt knew I was back and wanted to visit me at noon.When the second sister told me in the video, my little sister and I were still at my parents’ home and didn’t go out. I complained: “I don’t know why I came back!”When my dad heard that, he immediately understood that I did not want to see my aunt, who was his only real sister. “I look up to you,” he said.Little sister and I decided to go to two sister’s home, my father began to urge me to hurry up wash early to two sister’s home, I said I never wash my face in the morning.My dad said he’d be there later.When it comes to meeting my aunt, my dad is more enthusiastic than anyone.I and sister to second sister home, my aunt also didn’t go to, I see two sister home potted flower smooth grow very well, just like her with a flower spikes, said she was sitting in her wheelchair to look at, and then give me chose a only small finger size of a flower seedlings, I saw he said angrily: do not, for a while to flush the toilet.Before, the second sister said that she would give the whole potted flower to one of her sisters-in-law, who did not want her to continue to raise, this I want to give up, can BLAME me angry?See I have been pouting angry, plus little sister quietly advised two younger sister, two younger sister finally agreed to give me a flower with a flower branch.At this time my aunt came, my little sister did the pickled cabbage fish also on the table, the food is the characteristics of the northeast pickled cabbage and five pounds of live carp.This is about the best pickled cabbage fish I’ve ever had.We’ve already served dinner, and my dad, who’s my favorite, hasn’t shown up yet.When my sister dialed video chat, my father said he suddenly felt weak and stopped going. We believed it. Why did he say so?I’ll explain that later.My mother stopped talking early because her legs hurt and she was struggling to walk.After we had eaten and drunk, my brother-in-law, my sister, me and my aunt began to play mahjong.I won.Today is almost a perfect day for me.When I walked back home with my little sister, I found that the atmosphere in the house was strange. My mother pout and did not speak, and my father did not talk much every day. We played a game of mahjong, my little sister and I won, and my father and my mother lost.When we were sitting on the sofa after playing mahjong, my mother suddenly said, “You are not qualified to be me.”Obviously my mom was talking about my dad, so it’s no wonder my mom was angry. Whenever my dad wasn’t feeling well, he used to pick on people.My father is really, to the people at least respect is not, good good discuss who wait on you did not complain, you should scold while let people wait on you, god can not say past.My dad knew what was wrong and didn’t say much.Here, I suddenly woke up to the truth that my father did not go to the second sister’s home is not that he is uncomfortable — it turned out that he and my mother at home fighting.(3) be stick a seal on the fourth day we come back to wall teeth do nucleic acid free, then we go to reported to the community, this paper, residents’ committees responsible for epidemic prevention staff immediately came to my parents’ home, say to want to stick a seal, asked us to home quarantine, seven days from the day I come back, still need to isolate three days, because I went from Shanghai, Shanghai has COVID – 19 cases.Of course we cooperate.My father, my mother, my little sister and I were locked in the house. In addition to taking live classes online every day, I played mahjong with them. It was easy to get by in three days.Children haven’t the Spring Festival holiday, just the four of us are the two Allies, I and my mother camp and sister and my dad a group, remember a psychologist once said, family relationship is the worst in the mother-daughter relationship, the harmonious relationship between father and daughter, I have positive and negative, on the other hand, I think whether harmony between family members, want to be decided by each other’s temperament fit how much.Since the outbreak began in 2020, my hometown has taken more stringent measures against the epidemic than Shanghai, which is of course a good thing.So can we say that Shanghai epidemic prevention is not serious?Quite the opposite.Professor Zhang Wenhong, head of the Shanghai COVID-19 medical treatment team, said: Shanghai’s fight against COVID-19 is catching mice in a China shop.What do you mean?Targeted prevention and control, cautious.A positive case was found in Shanghai Disneyland on 31 October 2021, and the park resumed operation on 4 November 2021 after being closed for two days.From the moment the confirmed cases were reported, Shanghai’s containment machine went into high gear.Nucleic acid testing, community screening and terminal disinfection, and the mobilization, concentration, distribution and distribution of epidemic prevention and control forces were orderly and efficient.Tens of thousands of people completed nucleic acid tests overnight, all of them negative.Gratified, “Shanghai Speed” once again left a deep impression on everyone.Behind it lies the scientific and accurate normalization and standardization of epidemic prevention operations, as well as Shanghai’s increasingly improved modern urban management capacity.Of course, the most powerful support behind all this is the strong economic strength of Shanghai, in other words, money is the absolute truth.The northern town of my hometown is a poor and secluded place with no economic strength, so we have to step by step to carry out stricter epidemic prevention, which I understand very much.(4) Three days after the quarantine was lifted, the seal on my parents’ house was broken and we were free to go outside.Little sister in kuaishou to my father and my mother respectively bought a winter coat, four of us are playing mahjong, express call, let us go downstairs to pick up express, new clothes arrived, we suspend playing mahjong.My father and my mother try on new clothes, my mother’s coat mink collar is too big, it looks very small my mother’s head, it is not nice;Although the style of my father’s new clothes is good, he can wear the effect, but my father said that a little too thin, so the little sister had to contact return, and then the two coats folded and packed.With two new clothes and gifts, from two scarf, a pair of black and white tonal, the other is the coffee color, mom and dad when trying on clothes, I enclose the coffee scarf, we continue to play mahjong, they tried the clothes hit half, kid sister burst out laughing, she pointed at me said: coat to retreat, she also around the scarf?My mom and dad laughed too. I just put on that brown scarf for effect and forgot to take it off.(five) I just walked two days, how do you bully them into such a year is getting closer and closer, in the training school internship niece put winter vacation, January 23, little sister returned to the ice city to pick up my niece, January 25, little sister with niece xuan xuan back.My dad tell little younger sister, he helped my mom pull big bubble wine on the cactus thorn, plunge into the two small burrs, aching to itch again again, little sister looked at half a day to my dad’s two hands, don’t see, because of the small burr on the cactus is so small, can only be felt, but it is difficult to see, sister lovingly said: I didn’t go for two days, does your zha bullied by them so, pierced his hands quills.Who’s to blame?My dad totally volunteered to pull the prickles out of my mom’s cactus.My sister said they refer to me and my mother, the previous home isolation, the four of us while playing mahjong, while teasing, always me and my mother, my sister and my father, I and my mother’s alliance is very firm, my sister and my father’s alliance is very weak, my sister and my father sometimes alliance, sometimes fight each other.Playing mahjong is a wonderful thing. My father has a clear mind, and every step of reasoning is very clever and reasonable, but he can never win my confused mother.My mom always wins money, but she worships my dad.As long as there is a not paste brand, my mother regrets: so good brand is not paste, too pity, if your father can hit the paste.She doesn’t do her justice by saying she doesn’t know how to do it, she doesn’t know what card she’s playing as soon as she says she’s touching it, but she always wins.There is no place to reason.Playing mahjong is like this baffling world, is this the ancients said that things will reverse when they go to extremes?(six) do not sleep when wearing sleeping clothes, are you sleepwalking?When my niece first came back, she dressed very professionally, and I complimented her for not being so image-conscious as before, although she was still a bit chubby and had a few green spots on her face.But when she got up the next morning, she was back to her usual slovenly self, and walked about the house in her flowery nightgown, her long pajamas, and the white waistcoat she had worn the day before.I began by saying, politely, that in Shanghai, a lot of people wear pajamas to take out the garbage downstairs, and some even walk their dogs in pajamas.She didn’t get it. Lots of people in the South dress like that, she added.Fast noon, she or this dress up walk around in the home, I finally can’t help but say her: can you pay attention to a little image don’t wear this body?Since she became a student teacher, her language skills have improved a lot. Instead of being silent as before, she loudly refuted: what’s wrong with wearing sleeping clothes at home?You don’t wear pajamas to bed!”So you wear sleeping clothes when you’re not sleeping. Are you sleepwalking?”After a while, my niece came out of the room, fully dressed, looking much better.