The national traffic mix should be disbanded

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If you have any questions you want to ask, you can also ask them in the comment section. Myna will collect them!”Those who can not go back to the young time” in zhao Jinmai’s schedule, male actor Chen Xingxu in order to film this campus drama has begun to lose weight.Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong’s “Just Love”, plans to start in May.”Hairpin Line” is definitely going to have a replacement actor.Song Zu ‘er now film and television resources are really very good, looking for a lot of ancient book, modern book.Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi’s sense of cp is not very strong.Zhang Xueying’s new drama, which will soon air, is a shoestring drama.Wei Daxun now schedule is really very empty, fruit can not find the right artist will look for him to fill the vacancy.Many artists and their agent or assistant together at the beginning of love, because of the other side of the black material.Lai meiyun actually wants to develop into acting, after all, there is no good stage for her to show.Ling hua and Ceng Yi have only pink all the time, they are now more impossible because of this trifle make contradiction.Zhao Lu si is still the flow route, in a short time the team there did not let her forced transformation plan.Now many variety shows want Bai Jingting on the show, but he does not want to be on the show frequently.HK actress with her mother-in-law’s relationship is very tense, because her husband’s family has been trying to let her carry on the family name, completely regardless of her food is not enough, she also tried, what methods have tried, but did not succeed, coupled with her eldest daughter’s opinion of her elderly children has been very big, feel that she does not need to risk so again.TIPS: Because some of you can not guess the answer, the starling put the correct answer on the “entertainment grilled ye”!Amusement grilled ye have material have attitude, you want to eat melon here.Entertainment steakhouse brings you different behind-the-scenes gossip.Public number I wish you love beans never collapse room don’t give me some words hum!I was angry