The orientation of college entrance examination should be consistent with “double minus”

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In 2014, aiming at the problems existing in school moral education, he suggested that core values education should focus on the unity of knowledge and action.In 2016, he suggested that art education should be strengthened in the five-year plan for national economic and social development with a long-term perspective in view of the cognitive misunderstanding and overall imbalance in the development of aesthetic education in schools.In 2019, he suggested that preschool education should pursue high-quality universal benefits in view of the vague connotation of preschool education.In 2021, in view of the relatively lagging development of rural vocational education, he proposed to meet the needs of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and vigorously develop rural vocational education…Over the past years, zhu Xiaojin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), has submitted more than 20 proposals concerning education.As vice chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee for Promoting Democracy, and professor of Nanjing Normal University, Zhu Xiaojin has been working in the CPPCC for 10 years, which is also his way to “help” China’s education.”Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood and the foundation of the country. As a CPPCC member, I have the responsibility and obligation to do something for China’s education cause.”He said.After the two sessions ended in 2021, Zhu started a new survey.The introduction of the national “double reduction” policy made him feel that he should focus on this area.”The ‘double reduction’ is an important decision and plan made by the CPC Central Committee in the strategic height of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The central government cares about it, the people care about it, and society cares about it.Good policies should be implemented and good results achieved.”Previously, Zhu Xiaojin has paid more attention to the development of off-campus training institutions and students’ burden reduction.In 2019, he found that some of the disciplinary training institutions that did not comply with the regulations were turned into “hosting services” and “small dining tables” after centralized rectification. He submitted a proposal to the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on such issues, suggesting that top-level design should be strengthened to address prominent problems and specific guidance should be made to prevent off-campus training institutions from changing their “fake names”.After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, Zhu xiaojin found in his research that the burden of students’ discipline training outside the school has been reduced, the education ecology has changed, parents’ psychological anxiety has been alleviated, and the policy has achieved initial results.”However, in the research process, I also found that there are still some problems to be solved on how to implement the ‘double reduction’ policy.”Zhu xiaojin believes that, first of all, “double reduction” is a means and approach, not the end.At present, the education “double reduction” policy has not been effectively linked with the education evaluation reform, resulting in a weak social system for the comprehensive implementation of the policy, and it is difficult to fully implement the “double reduction” policy.If we do not coordinate the “baton” with the “double reduction” implementation approach and implementation path, some parents’ confusion and anxiety is still difficult to eliminate.In his research, he found that many parents hired “private tutors” instead of attending out-of-school training institutions, which “doubled the cost and increased the burden”.Secondly, off-campus training has been reduced sharply, which has not been effectively transformed into the improvement of classroom teaching quality.In the past, the craze of out-of-school training institutions emerged because to some extent, it can meet the diversified demands of some parents for high-quality teaching.Therefore, we should consider how to improve the quality of classroom teaching to meet this demand, and at the same time, introduce high-quality off-campus training resources into the school for service.Students and teachers are staying in school longer, and some schools are short of activity Spaces and teachers, sometimes adding homework to fill the extra time.Zhu xiaojin pointed out that how to make good use of this extended time, is the need to seriously study and explore the problem.Most teachers work more than 50 hours a week and are juggling assignments and inspections, exacerbating burnout and leaving no time to devote more effort to improving classroom teaching.Zhu Xiaojin believes that “double reduction” is the courage of the country to rebuild the education system of basic education and reconstruct the good ecology of basic education. It is a matter that will benefit future generations, so it needs to be improved.After entering primary and secondary schools for many times, communicating with education authorities at all levels, participating in seminars for teachers and parents, and listening to the opinions of all parties, Zhu Xiaojin proposed that we should coordinate the treatment of symptoms and root causes, simultaneously promote the reform of education evaluation and the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, and solve the driving force of the healthy development of education;The reform of middle and high school entrance examination should be deepened simultaneously to ensure that the examination orientation is consistent with the spirit of “double reduction”.We should encourage and guide high-quality training resources to participate in campus public service and improve the richness and professionalism of campus activities.Around this year’s Spring Festival, Zhu xiaojin invited relevant education experts to exchange views, held a forum to listen to their opinions, and finally formed a proposal on further implementing the education “double reduction” policy, which will be submitted to the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.Looking back on his 10 years of service in the CPPCC, Zhu xiaojin said that in the past 10 years, he paid close attention to the new problems in the process of education development, took the problem as the guidance, earnestly searched for the root of the problems, researched countermeasures and put forward suggestions, and tried to be a CPPCC member who “advocated and helped” China’s education reform.Li Huaxi, reporter of China Youth Daily source: China Youth Daily source: China Youth Daily client