Voice of two sessions | increase efforts to regulate electric vehicles to optimize urban traffic

2022-07-21 0 By

To promote the shijiazhuang city electric standardization management, optimization of urban traffic, the municipal people’s representative, the provincial government counsel zhang during the conference, submit the “about the vigorously support the development of the Internet lease electric bicycle, power optimization of urban traffic management advice”, want to Internet electric bicycle (hereinafter referred to as the “sharing motorcycles”) into the orbit of legal system,And then use the advantages of shared motorcycles to serve the public.Zhang Yongze hopes that, combined with the hebei electric bicycle management regulations, in-depth research, timely launch of municipal level local legislation, shijiazhuang electric bicycle management regulations, the shared electric bicycle and electric bicycle governance into the legal track, and then standardize the development of shared electric bicycle, improve the level of public travel service.Shared electric bikes as a new thing, only through legislation to regulate the development of shared electric bike industry, can use its advantages to promote the standardization of shijiazhuang electric bike management.”With the strong demand of citizens for e-bikes, shared e-bikes have developed rapidly in Shijiazhuang. Since February 2021, the Municipal Bureau of Transport has introduced a number of operating enterprises through public bidding, and implemented record management and online supervision of shared e-bike enterprises by imitating the advanced management experience of other cities.Makes sharing motorcycles in the use of safety, efficiency, management system is more conform to the requirements of the current electric vehicle specification management, rational utilization of its travel convenient, clear the main responsibility, old electric bulbs transition travel tools, public transport interchange, power city carbon emissions reduction advantages, can better help electric standard management.”Shijiazhuang city people’s Congress deputy Zhang Yongze said.In addition, for the management of shared bikes, Zhang yongze also suggested further optimizing the business environment for Internet rental e-bike companies, and “combining dredging and blocking” to enable shared travel to play its due role in market development.He proposed that the “combination of dredging and blocking” management policy should not only strictly implement the regulations related to the management of electric vehicles, but also standardize the operation of shared electric bike enterprises with the help of assessment management methods, and do a good job in supporting the benign development of shared electric bike enterprises.For example, shared electric vehicles should adopt the operation method of “fixed-point borrowing and returning” to regulate users’ parking behavior. For the setting of “P” points, people’s opinions should be widely solicited, and the operation needs of enterprises should be combined with the reasonable assessment of urban road space carrying range and reasonable allocation, avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” ban on parking and investment.In terms of dispatching management of shared motorcycles, enterprises should coordinate with competent departments in centralized planning and unified planning for morning and evening peak vehicle scheduling, so as to improve their ability to guarantee order.Further defined by the competent department of management responsibility, through the joint mechanism determine the unified administration of exports, for the access, management and development of the enterprise formulate corresponding policies and regulations, and ensure that Shared a benign and healthy development of the electric bicycle industry, in turn, improve service and management level, to meet the need of city construction and management, enhance people travel convenience.(Shijiazhuang Daily)