What punishment will you face if you tamper with nucleic acid test results?

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As the Lunar New Year is approaching, migrant workers who have traveled abroad will check local policies in advance and return to their hometowns with negative nucleic acid test results in order to reunite with their families.But there are also some people, because of the needs of their profession, every month to do nucleic acid testing on time, there is no lack of some people want to be lazy, in order to reduce trouble by tampering with the test sheet method fish in troubled waters.This method may seem simple, but it is illegal.Lao Li is a taxi driver, and since the outbreak began, the company has required all drivers to take nucleic acid tests once a month.At first, considering the seriousness of the epidemic and safety first, Lao Li took nucleic acid tests every month on time.Later, the local epidemic gradually stabilized, and there were no new cases for a long time, so Lao Li slackened off, always trying to muddle through by PS nucleic acid report date.Lao Li thought he was just saving unnecessary trouble and did not realize that his behavior was suspected of breaking the law.Lao Li even told other colleagues this tip, and was eventually reported to the company. After the company called the police, Lao Li was sentenced to administrative detention for violating the Law on Punishment for public security administration.In addition to tampering with the time of nucleic acid test, it is even more excessive to tamper with the results of nucleic acid test.For instance negative change masculine sex bo eyeball, or it is masculine change feminine cheat pass through, harm social security.The penalties are also more severe.In 2021, a university banned students from going outside and allowed all students to do activities on campus. Yoo felt bored and wanted to have fun.He used Photoshop to change his nucleic acid test to positive.At first, I just wanted to send it to my classmates to scare everyone, but I didn’t expect it to spread from one to ten, and the whole school exploded.But after the investigation and verification, it was found that the positive results were later modified by Liu.Finally, the public security organ according to the relevant provisions of the Law on Punishment for Public Security Management, on the grounds that Liu spread rumors, lied about danger, epidemic situation, police situation or deliberately disturbed public order by other means, liu made administrative detention decision.In addition to naughty students like Yoo, there are others who are like hidden bombs.Jin, who has lived in the UK for many years, wants to return to her homeland immediately because of the epidemic.But when she was in the UK, she had already been diagnosed with COVID-19 and tested positive for nucleic acid. She was afraid that her country would reject her, so she falsified a negative nucleic acid test result.According to article 332 of the Criminal Law, if such acts violate frontier health and quarantine regulations and cause the spread of quarantinable infectious diseases or are in serious danger of spreading, they shall constitute a crime of impingement of frontier health and quarantine.There are many cases of falsifying nucleic acid test results. Where there is demand, there is market. Many people falsify nucleic acid test reports, seemingly to facilitate others and seek small profits, but in fact, it has brought great trouble to the national epidemic prevention work.If you are not careful, you may let the infected people take advantage of the loopholes, endangering national security and social stability.Since the outbreak, everyone, from health care workers to service providers, has worked hard to comply with local policies and fulfil their duties and obligations.In the face of the epidemic, we should all work together. Both overseas and domestic people should believe in the country’s ability to fight the epidemic, do their own work well, and obey the unified arrangements of the country, rather than trying to exploit loopholes and attract attention.