A young volunteer stands guard during the Spring Festival in Qinghai province

2022-07-22 0 By

Xu You peace volunteers visit in qinghai online network (figure/Zhao Yani) of the Spring Festival, the streets is permeated with festive atmosphere of festival, behind in peace and harmony, is a silent guard of different jobs, the nanchuan in xining city west street road, community volunteers to use vacation time to rest in volunteer service activities.Xu Youxiang volunteer service activities is the nanchuan street road west street road, was a youth volunteer in the community in epidemic prevention and control of the use of free time, help the community to carry out normalized in all kinds of volunteer service, during the Spring Festival in 2022, for most people, is to lay down their work, and family, family is surrounded sit together, Lao homely and family day.However, he resolutely abandoned the time of family reunion and visiting relatives and friends, from the first day of the New Year to join the community of anning Road nanchuan West street “The” volunteer service team, his personal adherence, in exchange for the majority of the reunion, he wore a red vest, adhere to the Baiyun Hua Ju community immigrant registration office,Actively engaged in epidemic prevention and control, security risks investigation, conflict and dispute investigation and other volunteer service activities, to provide a strong guarantee for residents to spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, with “volunteer red” to protect and warm the residents of the area.Volunteer service Activities Xu Youxiang while sticking to his post with grid leader Chen Daming said: “Without everyone, there is no small home.So we want to use 100 percent efforts, resolutely defend their own post ah.”During the Spring Festival, many grid leaders, volunteers and local residents also joined the “screw” volunteer service team of Anning Road Community. They guard the community and serve the residents with love, patience and responsibility.They are committed to their posts, dutifully serve the people, give up their homes for everyone, and make this Spring Festival even warmer.Volunteers are active in every corner of the community, building the defense line of epidemic prevention and control with their steps and responsibilities, gathering the great strength to fight the epidemic. They send warmth to the people in the area with their “open” volunteer service, and let the new wind of civilization blow into thousands of households.