Can you tell a man by his looks?

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Words are referred to as “the mind”, through the appearance to identify a person’s personality, luck, career, development of knowledge, but also my lover, but these things don’t seem to according to a definite, but many people still believe in, even some people who don’t believe that, in reality, unconsciously, as an important theory.So is it true that people can identify people by their faces?In fact, there are not a few people who study this aspect. If a thing is really not profitable or has no research value, then there will not be so many people to rush after it. According to this kind of universality, it seems that this thing is certain, but it is estimated that few people have studied this thing carefully.We through the study faces a person’s character, luck, mostly because according to some ancient theory, in this respect the more old things seem to be more reliable, view academic is no progress in this respect, the ancient people pay attention to superstition, many things can’t explain, they settled through its own set of theory, and now the people pay attention to science,However, science can only answer part of the questions, and it seems that the ancients never know the answers to their problems, but according to their theories, their problems have been solved, while nowadays people according to science, many problems have become scientific mysteries.So what are the main sources of these theories?One is from already a long time of the I ching, the knowledge is difficult to understand, and it is a kind of traditional theory, now a lot of people in order to adapt to the society to the modern theory of derivative to the I ching theory, the thinking can let the modern people to accept, but is like two sets of compatibility of the system, to decode the things must be wrong,So don’t try to modern scientize the ancients, the theory can only work on you if you believe in it.There is another dimension is the personal experience, some of the most famous is the modern master zeng guofan such face reading, they are not really according to the theory of the theory and the theory mentioned above, of course, but more a personal experience, because of their experience, and experience more, see more,Finally, I summarized a set of practical theories based on my own experience, and these theories are indeed more accurate, but it is difficult to say whether they are universal in the end.So how reliable is face reading after all?It can be reliably said that all the information and development of a person is reflected in appearance and can be inferred from the trend of development, so that an experienced person can always judge a person’s future by his appearance and behavior.In this case, this is another kind of “science”, as long as you study you can enter a different theory of knowledge, our current knowledge can only belong to the modern scientific system.There are a lot of knowledge, we can not all be able to enter the door, also may not be able to enter the front door.