Kuomintang conscript Yang Wenke spell hsinchu county magistrate for a second term

2022-07-22 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, Hsinchu County chief Yang Wenke was today called up by the Kuomintang central committee to run for re-election as the next hsinchu county chief!Yang wenke said that this indicated that his ruling achievements were recognized by the Party Central Committee. He was very grateful for the support of comrades in the party and all villagers, and he would work harder to go.For this call, does it mean that the merger of bamboo bamboo promotion has no hope to achieve this year?Yang wenke responded that the party chairman Eric Chu told him in person that even if zhu Zhu was promoted, he would be the only candidate for the KMT mayor of Hsinchu.Yang wenke said, thank his efforts to be seen!The 154 campaign promises, his campaign so far has been to deliver more than 83%, especially the hsinchu science park successfully spread to bamboo wisdom park and bamboo east north of AI, become a big hsinchu science park, as long as give him another chance, he will go all out practice campaign, for the benefit of hsinchu county, let hsinchu county in the future 30 years more.This morning, the fourth session of the KMT’s regular committee passed the second stage of nomination for the 2022 hsinchu county mayor election and decided to “recruit” Yang Wenke, the incumbent county governor, to run for a second term, according to the Hsinchu County Party headquarters.Why not “nominate”, but “conscript”?Yang wenke said, in any case, this is the party central committee to his personal ruling achievements.Because the party chairman Eric Chu told him to his face today, even if zhu Zhu really merged and promoted, he is the only candidate for the KMT mayor of Hsinchu.Yang wenke said that in the future, he will make more efforts to build a healthy life outside Hsinchu county, including education, culture, sports and leisure.