New Year’s Bell Rings (original)

2022-07-22 0 By

In 2022, the New Year’s bell sounded, Xi ‘an firecrackers like machine guns to increase the firepower, at the moment of exploding jet, myriad, roaring, like the waves surging up, a wave over a wave, a wave is not flat, a wave, finally returned to calm.Meantime, or shake ear or fade or indistinct.There are burst sound, burst sound, or far or near, or urgent or slow.Some chirped loudly, others muffled, and I could hear fireworks exploding in the air.Such years, regardless of region, as long as the policy is not very detailed, adults always accompany children (xiao Bao), lead and teach them how to set off firecrackers, maybe this is also a kind of cultural inheritance.