Poetry of the Years 36

2022-07-22 0 By

The bright moon shines across the wilderness, wandering in the courtyard.The east Pleiades star singing, looming out of the shadow.Ji Bu yilanuo, a strong man dies.Only hope that the xiagu stay fragrant, I only intoxicate all wake up.Zhaoling six jun zhenghui, Qing Twitter film suddenly encircled.White hoof black wind surprised the night rain, whispering lu Purple swallow super thunder.Telepu, fist hair 䯄, heaven destroy the enemy’s hard to return.氛埃 Expels the beacon smoke to do, Shiva is bold and triumphant.Warm wind blowing Jiangnan, wear Lin Fei Yan flowers shame.Spring blue, light cloud, smile, wild wine as sweet as honey.Fold branches peach as hairpin, morning dew has wet thin clothes.Send a piece of speech, hope to explain language, understanding life, the world no one to talk about?Rivers and lakes a good dao hide, two volumes of eight books.Strong blood heat zhi such as iron, yuzhu frame sea beam.Clothes blue wisp, heart sunshine, phoenix song laugh hole for Chu crazy.Lazy to write the world star and moon sentence, looking for fairy but ask where the road.Splashing ink dripping dragon snake moving, guqin a homesick phoenix.Drink liquor play sword song, talk about the silk bamboo lane.Travel thousands of miles, the world is still ignorant.But remember green temples and zhu Yan, a long time huanhuan dream.Spring breeze new wine a, moved the heart has tired.Chu River east, eye thousands of sail far.Know qing leaning on the door hope, late at night with shadow, past scene now.Dream come true, the road is distant, not unreal.